Sunday, December 5, 2010

Navel Piercing During Pregnancy

Navel Piercing During PregnancyIt’s always been a scare for a pregnant woman that she might loose her belly piercing during her pregnancy due to her expanding belly. Why shouldn’t she be, after a year or two of healing her navel piercing then it will just go to waste? You won’t let that happen right? Around 3 or 4 months during pregnancy, the piercing will start to feel uncomfortable. This is not a problem anymore. With the advancement of medicine and technology, there are many options for preserving a piercing all throughout the childbearing year.

To accommodate the expanding abdomen; you must consider the flexibility, method of fastening, gauge, weight, length of barbell, and type of material you wear through your piercing. There are several types that are recommended for pregnant women.

As soon as a pregnant woman feels uncomfortable, normally during her third or fourth month of her pregnancy, she can immediately change her regular jewelry for a long curved barbell. As the belly expands the long barbell allows more room for the skin to stretch.

If metal barbells starts to feel uncomfortable because of its weight you can switch your metal barbell to an acrylic retainer. Acrylic retainers are lightweight which makes it more comfortable. They come with rubber o-rings to secure the ends or threadable balls. Always choose lightweight materials.

It is better to preserve your piercing throughout your pregnancy than to allow it to close then repiercing it afterwards. When a piercing closed it will develop scar tissues and scar tissues when repierced need more time to heal. Piercing a scar is not also advisable as well as piercers may find it hard to do that.

If a pregnant woman wishes to retain her piercing, she may do so. She just needs a proper care for her piercing. A suitable jewelry and extra skin care to support elasticity of her growing belly, a proper diet, plenty of water and of course long and flexible belly jewelry are all what is needed to preserve the belly piercing. Your proper diet and personal care is also vital for your baby’s good health and development.

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