Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Nose Piercing

Hey, It’s Amanda…again…haha Anywayy! I recently got my nose and my lip pierced, so I figured I’d share it with the world. Facts: 1.) YES. I know, I sound like a pussy, shut up, I DONT care lol The clamp on my nose hurt more than the piercing itself. Infact, the pericing actually DIDNT hurt. Neither did the lip (it only was sore the day after) 2.) It is all professionally done, even though the girl who did it was my friend. There is talking going on because she’s an apprentice piercer/tattooer. She knew what she was doing but she was just being supervised just in case. 3) Music = You’ve made us Conscious – The Audition Candle (Sick and Tired) – The White Tie Affair Kthxbye :)

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