Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tongue Art Piercing Information

Tongue Art PiercingBody piercing has become a fad among youngsters of today and among all of them tongue piercing is gaining popularity slowly. Teenagers opt for this piercing as a significance of asserting something or breaking the rules. They also choose this to rebel against their parents. Most of the people believe that tongue piercing increases sexual pleasures. Sometimes, it may lead to complications and infections sometimes. The following article may give you the basic tongue piercing information.

Healing Time

It takes around six weeks for the tongue piercing to get healed. It may cause severe swelling which may last for 3-4 days. People sporting it may find it difficult in speaking at least for a week. Eating food may also be a problem and this may cause inconvenience for 2-3 weeks.


  1. The most dangerous risk involved in tongue piercing is getting the vein cut during the procedure.
  2. Tongue may bleed heavily during or after the procedure and the person may require medical help.
  3. Large sized gauge used for piercing can lead to the erosion of the gums.
  4. Large jewelry may result in chipping of the teeth.
  5. Usage of unsterilized equipments may sometimes lead to HIV or Hepatitis C.

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