Sunday, December 19, 2010

List Facial Piercings

Facial piercing have increasingly become very popular in many youngsters, especially guys. In early days, you don’t have much options other than ear and nose piercings. But today, it is possible to get as many facial piercings as you want. Here are some of the popular different types of facial piercings for guys.

Eyebrow PiercingsEyebrow Piercings: Eyebrow piercings are the most popular type of facial piercing among guys. There is no specific location or spot to get an eyebrow piercing done. They can be performed horizontally or vertically, anywhere around your eyebrow. However, there is a high chances of migration in this type of piercing. Therefore, make sure that you wear only lightweight jewelry for eyebrow piercings. The most popular eyebrow jewelry are barbells and eyebrow rings.

Tongue PiercingTongue Piercing: Today many youngsters, both boys and girls find tongue piercing very attractive and cool. It is usually performed directly through the middle of the tongue. Tongue piercing needs a proper aftercare to heal properly, because there is a high chance of getting tongue piercing infection. Make sure that, you get the piercing done by a licensed or professional piercer and follow aftercare instructions carefully as guided by your professional piercer to prevent infection and many other piercing problems.

Lip PiercingLip Piercing: There are many different types of lip piercing, based on the location or the spot where you get your lip piercing done. To name a few, you have labret piercing, vertical labret piercing, medusa piercing, horizontal lip piercing, angel bites, snakebites, spider bites, Monroe or Madonna piercing and filtrum piercing. You can also go for chin piercing, it looks great on guys.

Septum PiercingSeptum Piercing: This is another great choice for guys, who are looking for a funky facial piercing, which is also called bull rings. It is performed on the septum, that divides the two nostrils. This kind of piercing can be quite painful. But, once you get it done, it really looks funky and stylish. Septum piercing usually takes 7-10 weeks to heal completely.

Bridge PiercingBridge Piercing: This is another unique kind of facial piercing, which is done on the nose bridge, between the eyes. The good thing about this piercing is that, it can heal relatively very fast and is less painful when compared to spectrum piercing.

Ear PiercingEar Piercing: Ear piercing is very popular among girls, but it looks great on guys too. Moreover, ear piercing is the safest and easiest of all body piercings. You have plenty of options to choose, when it comes to ear piercing. Some of the common types of ear piercing are conch piercing, ear lobe piercing, industrial piercing, daith piercing, tragus piercing, helix piercing and rook piercing

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