Friday, December 24, 2010

Ideas for Lip Piercing Jewelry

Lip Piercing JewelryLip piercing is one of the most sexiest and popular types among the facial piercings. Lip piercings can be performed on many different sites in and around your mouth. With the rise of body piercing trend becoming popular, there are many different types and designs of lip jewelries available today. Be it upper lip piercing, side lip piercing or lower lip piercing, you can find various suitable jewelry for each type. Here are some of the most popular types of lip piercing jewelry.

Lip Studs
The ideal jewelry for lower lip piercing may be lip studs. They are properly designed studs with a smooth flat backplate, thus preventing teeth and gum damage and irritation. There are a wide range of lip studs in various color and materials.

Lip Retainers

They are designed to be hospital safe and discrete. So, you can use this jewelry when you want to conceal your pierced lip at work. Or, you can keep it open during dentist visits and medical procedures. They are specially made of with flexible and soft materials. Lip retainers come in skin-colored and see-through designs, in which you can choose your choice.

Lip Studs Spare Balls
They are mainly designed to add style to your look. These lip studs spare balls are available in a wide range of colors, styles and materials, which make it more easy to update a little glitter to your pierced lip or color-coordinate your lip piercing jewelry. It’s good to carry a couple of lip studs spare balls with you, in case you lose your favorite lip stud ball.

Lip Rings
Lip rings consist of two types, they are ball closure rings and circular barbells. These lip rings look best to lip piercing done on the brim of the lip. These versatile lip rings also come in many different choice of sizes, materials and colors. You can find a great choice whether you want to make a discrete look, simple or fashion statement with sparkle gems or bright colors.

Lip Piercing Jewelry Materials
You can find lip piercing jewelry with many different materials that include stainless steel, silver and gold which are most favorites for many people. You can also find lip piercing jewelries in acrylics, titanium coated finish, titanium and gold plated. Titanium coated in black finish jewelry may be a good choice for people who don’t want the metallic finish.

Cheap Lip Piercing Jewelry
If you are looking for inexpensive lip piercing jewelry yet a good one, you may like to go for acrylics.

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