Friday, December 24, 2010

Belly Button Rings for Pregnant Women

Pregnant Women PiercingMany women are wondering how they can retain their belly piercing rings without making them closed during pregnancy. And, if you are one of them, be happy you have landed at the right place. Many people think that there is no option other than removing the belly ring and getting a new piercing after having a baby. But, the good news is that now you have belly ring, specially designed for pregnant women.

Keeping a belly ring during pregnancy seems to be difficult, but by wearing BJS, pregnancy belly ring, you can get over all your worries to retain your belly button piercing. Pregnancy belly rings are extremely flexible, comfortable and safe to use during pregnancy.

Belly Ring For Pregnant Women:
Pregnant belly rings, the multi-use piercing tube are considered the most comfortable and safest belly ring for pregnant women. This type of jewelry are specially made and designed for pregnant women. They are extremely flexible and two inches long in order to accommodate the growing belly. Thus, you can keep your belly button or navel piercing without any discomfort and risk of infection.

This type of jewelry is made from BioFlex and is a bendy tube. They are extremely bio-compatible form, which helps to minimize the risk of infection. Pregnancy belly rings are available in curved lengths and plain straight, which you can add other accessories and customize the ring in more funky and stylish looks.

Tips to Use:
Like I’ve mentioned above, pregnancy belly rings are need to be customized with some push-fit accessories. So this means, to make a pregnancy belly ring, you need to buy some push-fit accessories and a plain piercing tube. After you got all the items, do the following steps.

  • Clean the piercing tube and other accessories with saline solution, before you start making it.
  • Then, insert the piercing tube into your belly button piercing.
  • Most women use pregnancy belly ring of 25mm-40mm. So, if needed, you can trim of properly with scissors.
  • After that, you can insert some accessories into the ends of the tubes. Don’t forget to use only metal free accessories in order to prevent infections.

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