Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Common And Uncommon Body Piercing

Common And Uncommon Body PiercingThough there are abounding piercings that can be done, you see alone a few of them in the majority of clientele. Although any allotment of the anatomy can be pierced, they are afar into categories. There are bendable tissue, cartilage, and apparent piercings. Bendable tissue are by far the best common. Bendable tissue piercings will access the array of the anatomy segment, with the adornment bulging from adverse abandon (earlobes, eyebrows, nipples). Bendable tissue piercings tend to alleviate calmly for most, with able care. They are usually done with a arena (captive), but afterwards the piercings alleviate properly, can beautify an array of jewelry. The minimum barometer for bendable tissue piercings are 20 Gauge, but are broken mostly with 14 Gauge.

Cartilage piercings such as septum (inner nose), and ear cartilage are about added difficult to heal, and are decumbent to infection if not cared for properly.

Surface piercings are usually the atomic accepted piercing. They tend to be added painful, and are not permanent. The activity amount of a apparent acute will depend on the breadth pierced. A corset (back piercing) can usually break central the bark up to 48 hours afore the bark will alpha to tear.

The best accepted piercings are as follows:

Ear piercings:

- Lobe

- Tragus (the angled allotment abutting to the face)

-Outer bend (rim)

-Conch (inner surfaces)

-Industrial (barbell bridge close allotment of ear, broken through two portions of cartilage)


- Nostril

- Septum (center cartilage)


- Eyebrow

- Lip

- Labret (between lip and chin)


- Nipples

- Navel

The added aberrant piercings include:


- Bridge of nose

- Madonna (upper lip, with lebret stud)

- Madison (base of throat)

- Vampires kiss (side of neck)

- Aback of neck


- Web amid the deride and fingers

- Surfer (web amid toes)


- Clitoris (horizontal or vertical)

- Awning (the awning of the clitoris, accumbent or vertical)

- Close and alien labia

- T'aint (between vagina, or penis and anus)

- Fourchette (back bend of vaginal opening)

- Triangle (beneath clitoris)

- Prince albert (base of head, through urethra)

- Queen victoria (center top of head, through urethra)

- Apadravya (vertically through head)

- Ampallang (horizontally through head)

- Frenum/ Lorum (horizontal abject of the head, or forth shaft)

- Hafada (scrotum)

- Forskin

- Dydoe (through backbone of circumsized head)

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