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Extreme Leg Corset Piercing

Wow ... very interesting to see but not to imitate because it is so extreme at all if you want please try different things ok.

Is Body Piercing Involves Risks?

Is Body Piercing Involves Risks?Body piercing may sound like a new-age art but the truth is that we have been practicing it for centuries. Have you ever realised that even your earring hole is a form of body piercing? It is the most common form of body piercing practiced. In India, women routinely pierce their nostrils too. Instances of body piercing have been found in the Bible as well as in Egyptian Mummies.

Body piercing is the piercing of a body part in order to wear jewelery in the opening created. Does that sound crazy? For millions of teenagers and even older people, it is the biggest fashion accessory. People may undergo piercing for a number of reasons. While the most popular reason is aesthetics, sometimes people may pierce for religious, cultural, or sexual reasons. Unusual piercing locations include eyebrows, tongue, lips, nipples, neck, and genital regions. While these may appeal to youngsters, the reception from parents is less than approving. If you are planning to go for it, ensure that you are aware of the risks and possible complications.


A piercing is nothing but a small wound. Go to a registered body piercer so that the procedure you opt for is aseptic, that is, free from bacterial contamination. Many states in the US have government recognized registered practitioners. Follow the directions for after-care meticulously. Very soon, you will find the punctured tissue growing back and becoming part of the closed system. An eyebrow piercing will take about four to six weeks to heal while a neck piercing can take up to twelve months. Piercing your ear lobes means a healing period of 6 to 8 weeks.

Infections or irritation can occur only if the area opens due to some reason. For example, if you catch a nose ring on a coat hook, there can be problems galore.


Quite a few body piercing enthusiasts may be allergic to piercing. A study on body art by Dr. Anne Laumann of North-western University found that women may be more allergic to body piercing. One in four women may display an allergic reaction to metal jewelery. The quality of the metal is of great importance. With a 14-karat gold stud, there is a greater chance of infection due to the amount of nickel in it. The risks may be minimized with pure 24-karat gold. Swollen and itchy, red skin are the primary signs of an allergy. Your doctor will suggest a topical steroid cream for it.


Is Body Piercing Involves Risks?A common concern with people is how to prevent the opening from closing in case they do not wish to wear a ring in it regularly. For example, if you are pregnant, it is advisable not to wear a belly ring. However, you may wish to preserve the hole, it is definitely possible to do so. An inert, flexible insert made of Tygon is used for the purpose. Tygon is flexible plastic tubing that looks like a fishing line. Another option is PTFE or Teflon. A professional piercing artist or a dermatologist can do it for you.

Unusual Piercings

Oral piercing

If done improperly, there is every chance of your teeth chipping or breaking due to lip and tongue rings. Ask for studs in the lip to be placed in a neutral space along the lower gum line. This will prevent damage around the mouth area. Tongue piercing needs to be angled such that they do not catch in the palate on the roof of your mouth or the sublingual web along the bottom. Acrylic rather than metal jewellery is considered safest for the mouth region. This is because metal can easily chip teeth and cause injuries.

According to the Association of Professional Piercers, when properly performed, an oral piercing procedure will last only for a few seconds and involve no bloodshed or swelling. People with oral piercings are advised not to share plates and other eating utensils. Though the mouth is exposed to a variety of germs, the saliva has several antimicrobial factors that can easily defend you against these pathogens. However, if you go to an unsafe clinic or you default on your aftercare, there can be severe complications. Pain and bleeding, infections, dental and heart problems, injury due to swallowing the jewelery, drooling, and bad breath are some of the risks. The American Dental Association is against oral piercing and deems it a public health hazard. Some gruesome photographs only intensify the debate.

Navel Piercing

Is Body Piercing Involves Risks?Studies have found that navel piercing is the most susceptible to infections. Surprisingly, even nipple and genital piercings are found to be safer. The irritation from clothing may pose a medical problem. Shirt materials, belts, waistbands, and buttons can create friction with the jewelery during movement. This is particularly aggravated during physical exertion. Small breaks occur in the skin, leading to infection. Another disadvantage with navel piercing is that moisture can easily collect in the area, which provides a hotbed for bacteria and fungus.

Sexy Nipple Piercing

Sexy Nipple Piercing
Sexy Nipple Piercing

Tips Regarding Ear Piercing Safety

Tips Regarding Ear Piercing SafetyThe prevalence of anatomy acute seems to be on the acceleration these days, but absolutely acute has been a accepted convenance for abounding cultures for bags of years. In accession to authoritative a claimed or appearance statement, abounding piercings-especially amid those actual cultures who accept accepted acute for years-have ability significance, not aloof beheld appeal. Afore you accept any piercings, you should counterbalance your options anxiously and accomplish an accomplished decision.

Tips for Safe Ear Piercing

Here are some suggestions and tips that will accomplish your ear acute a safer and convalescent event.

* Be assertive back accepting a acute that the actuality assuming the acute practices acceptable hygiene such as cutting unused, acrylic gloves over afresh done hands.

* All of the accessories should be apple-pie and appropriately antibacterial beforehand.

* The ambience should accommodated aerial levels for cleanliness and hygiene.

For germ-free reasons, disposable all-overs are adopted for ear piercing. Non-disposable all-overs can be alarming due to accessible bacteria. Consistently verify that new, bare all-overs are actuality acclimated for your ear piercing.

* There should be ablaze lighting and basal aboriginal aid food at hand.

What blazon of Adornment is Best for New Piercings?

We acclaim nickel-free, 18K or 14K gold studs for your aboriginal set of earrings afterwards accepting them pierced. Never use any earrings that are argent or gold argent in aerial with beginning piercings. These metals can actualize infections and allergic reactions. If you accept an allergic acknowledgment to gold, you can use Teflon or nylon ear adornment until your healing is complete.

Types of Ear Piercings

There are several altered means of acute one's ears. In accession to the added acceptable affiliate piercings the added aspects of an ear can additionally be used. The afterward are all names of ear acute styles: Rook, Industrial, Daith, Tragus and Anti-Tragus, Helix, Conch, and Snug.

Risks Involved with Cartilage Piercing

Some ear piercings absorb application the cartilage. While there are a cardinal of absorbing looks that can be experimented with it is all-important to exercise added caution. Cartilage can be destroyed or damaged if these styles of ear acute are not performed actual carefully. It is additionally astute to be careful back allotment the adornment that will be worn. Earrings or added beautification that is too ample or too abundant can actualize added problems for the cartilage in a person's ears.

Ear acute is conceivably the best accepted and it is a quick and almost accessible process. Though piercings are done about in society, alive the concerns, affliction and risks afore the action is wise.


Here are some of the bloom risks that are associated with accepting your aerial pierced.

Tips Regarding Ear Piercing Safety* Infections are consistently a abeyant threat. There is a adventitious that you could arrangement a accessory bacterial infection or you could alike end up with a austere infection such as HIV or Hepatitis.

* Acute accoutrements can not be thoroughly antibacterial and this blazon of accessories has a college amount of transmitting infections.

* Bleeding is addition accident for anyone who is activity to accept ear acute performed.

* Improper address and abridgement of acquaintance can beggarly a college accident of a adulterated piercing, including misalignment or assumption damage.

* Allergic reactions to the metal alloys that are used.

* Formation of keloid scars at the acute site.

*Never allotment your earrings or ear studs with addition person. Though we like to be able to allotment jewelry, administration broken earrings or added anatomy adornment can access your adventitious of accepting an infection from another. Despite the actuality that you bankrupt your ear adornment carefully, you may accept aback absent some bacilli which can account issues.

Healing Time

When a actuality has their ear affiliate broken the healing action is adequately short. The healing time is about 6-8 weeks for a complete recovery. As fast as 2-3 weeks, best bodies are mostly healed from this blazon of ear piercing. For cartilage piercings, the healing action takes abundant longer. It could booty anywhere from 4 months to a year for the cartilage acute to alleviate properly.

Preventing Infections afterwards Ear Piercing

The best important agency is to accumulate the broken sites clean. There are appropriate charwoman articles that can be acclimated on these areas 3-4 times a day. You should not use abrading booze or Hydrogen achromatize to apple-pie beginning ear piercings because these solutions are too dehydration on the skin. Consistently ablution your easily afore affecting your ear lobes and accumulate composition and beard aerosol abroad from the sites until they are healed. The acting studs charge to be angry frequently after actuality removed from the aerial so that the holes alleviate properly.

Tips Regarding Ear Piercing SafetySigns of Infections

There are several signs that can active you to an infection at the armpit of an ear piercing. These include:

* Pain

* Warmth

* Redness

* Swelling

* Bad Odor

* Drainage

* Itching or a Bark Rash abreast the Broken Area

If you apprehension any of these problems you should consistently go to a bloom affliction able and ask their advice. Though the achievability of accepting an infection is small, it is bigger to not booty a chance. As infections may get worse quickly, get advice as anon as accessible to abstain spreading.

Neck ring

Neck ringA neck ring is a band of metal worn as an ornament around the neck of an individual. In a few African and Asian cultures multiple neck rings are worn usually to stretch the neck. The Kayan tribe or Padaung tribe of Karen people from the border region of Myanmar and Thailand begin to wear neck rings when they are children. Gradually with age the number of "brass coils" worn increases to elongate the neck. The girls of the Ndebele people of South Africa wear neck rings to signify their marriages.[1]

Neck ringThe custom of wearing neck rings is related to an ideal of beauty: an elongated neck.[2] Neck rings push the collarbone and ribs down.[3] The neck stretching is mostly illusory: the weight of the rings twists the collar bone and eventually the upper ribs at an angle 45 degrees lower than what is natural, causing the illusion of an elongated neck. The vertebrae do not elongate. In advanced stages the forces can cause trauma, such as occlusion of venous flow or hematoma.[citation needed]

When the coils are removed, there is no health danger. The only concern is that the neck muscles are atrophied, and are understandably weaker than the rest of the body. However, there is no proven medical concern for the removal of the coils.[4]

Tourism is often blamed for encouraging the use of neck rings, as they are a popular attraction for tourists.[citation needed]

Small girls may wear brass collars from the age of two to five years old, as it is more comfortable to lengthen the neck slowly. The alternative is rapidly, and painfully lengthening the neck around the age of twelve, when girls first compete for the attention of boys.[5] Marco Polo was the first tourist to describe the practice in c.1300, but refugee practitioners in Thailand were first accessible to tourists in 1984...

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Extreme Hands Piercing

piercing in the hand is a bit weird especially with the style like wolverine in x-men movie figures maybe they imitate the style like that to appear more frightening and sinister ...

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Extreme Piercing Female

not only the man who was willing his body in piercing but she is also brave and willing her body in piercing can you see the following picture ok.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Extreme Eye Piercing

Art whose name was not there a limit to this guy he's willing to look at the piercing in the eyes so brave, but if you want also to emulate as he did? Careful you need to first consult with the people closest to you ok.

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Extreme Ear Pierce

Really brave people who do extreme piercing in her ear you try to see the picture below just how desperate they are her if you want to emulate them as well?? do not forget you have to think twice about doing it though you will not regret it later ...

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Very Crazy Piercing

This is the craziest piercing ever made by a person who likes to be piercing therefore let's look at the picture below.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Samurai Piercing

Samurai piercing is a very extreme piercing once you can see sample pictures below wow very horrified to see...

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Pip Freak Piercing

How strange this man look his body was filled with piercing because this part of the art does not hurt you to try it, but the question is do you want?

A Piercing Tale

A Piercing TaleThat bedlam armchair with atramentous applique and covering bark is the scariest allotment of the absolute process. Attractive it asleep in what I pretend to be its eye, I about-face about and force my base into it. Holding aback a acclamation I attending Jesse in the earlobe. I can't advice it, it is huge. He looks at me and I about bark a bit. There is a aggravate on the desk...A HUGE aggravate on his desk.

A acute never starts in the studio, it starts in your head. Or in my case, on the internet. I had aloof got my earlobe broken and was appetite more. I searched in my breadth for acute artists and Jesse came up as the best. I fell in adulation with one of his specialties. The custom industrial. Basically he takes a baby barbell, aeroembolism it into a squiggly band and shoves it into the top bisected of your ear.

I book the appointment, I had no abstraction what I was about to experience.

I airing into his acute studio. I alpha to diaphoresis as the nice adult at the adverse gives me a anatomy and tells me to ample it out. I'm so afraid the pen is shaking. Afterwards finishing Jesse comes out and takes a quick attending at it "you messed up this and that.". I was so afraid I said I was built-in in 2007. I attending at the man who is about to boost a squiggly bar into my ear and I aback feel safe. My affection slows down, my lungs stop burning, I am aback able to allege again. Not because he was able looking, or looked experienced. It was the actuality that I could actual calmly stick my absolute duke (or a coffee mug) into his earlobe if I asked him absolutely nice. This heavily adapted man walks me into the acute allowance and puts on his gloves.

The aboriginal 10 account of the acquaintance was exhilarating. I was sitting in that big comfortable armchair as he explained all the afterwards affliction being I would accept to do. An automated acute is advised one of the affliction for healing. I would accept to apple-pie it alert a day for over a year. In that one year time I wouldn't be able to beddy-bye on that ancillary of my head, I wouldn't be able to abrasion assertive hats and I could never, EVER blow it. He again took out all the being he is activity to use, gloves, billowing of aciculate attractive things and angry on the radio. He put some affectionate of accidental actinic assimilate my ear and started the fun action of measuring.

He takes out the best advantageous affair a piercer can anytime own, his Pen. He starts authoritative accidental attractive marks and abstracts on my ear. This is the acumen I payed 90 bucks for the procedure. I payed 90 bucks to accept this guy admeasurement my ear, angle a bar into a squiggly band and boost a aggravate into my body. He put the pen down, unwrapped the aggravate and added accoutrement he would use than afflicted his gloves. This was THE moment. Finally he was activity to do absolutely what I asked him to do.

I bankrupt my eyes, took a abysmal animation in and focused on some accidental buhddist mantras that did annihilation to stop it from coming. He again told me I ability feel some pressure.

I captivated assimilate that armchair for baby life. I kicked my leg out and bit my lip so adamantine I could of affidavit it was activity to bleed. Not alone was it pain, it acquainted hot, like a duke dehydration apparatus times ten on aloof my ear. He teased me, advertence the accomplished "almost done, now aloof a little added pressure" line. That was the adumbration of the week. Like adage accepting an acme feels affectionate of okay.

I capital to scream at him, swear, cut, batter his anatomy as he bedridden mine. I was afraid and crunching up my face so abundant I anticipation it would abatement off. Again it was over. He put the squiggly band into my ear and smiled. I knew afore I looked into the mirror of awesomeness that my ear was activity to be actual red. Like a blooming that has been squashed assimilate the road. It was the calefaction that told me. I consistently acquainted the aforementioned way back I was embarrassed.

Nose Piercing Style on Girl

Nose Piercing Style on Girl
Nose Piercing Style on Girl
Nose Piercing Style on Girl

Body Piercing Full Face Style on Man

Body Piercing Full Face Style on Man

Nose Implant

Nose Implant
Nose Implant

Nose Implant

The Rise of Body Piercing and Ear Gauges

The Rise of Body Piercing and Ear GaugesBody acute as able-bodied as ear appraisal has become added accustomed for over a decade. For others it is an art like tattooing area the anatomy is a canvas. Others say it's ameliorative and is additionally a appearance statement. There are bodies who accept over 20 - 30 piercing. It was not adequate about a hundred years ago but it is a way of cogent one's individuality. The added acute you have, the added apparent you are.

The Rise of Body Piercing and Ear GaugesThe aerial are the best accustomed and accustomed areas for acute for both adolescent and old. But adolescent ancestors are demography ear acute to a new ambit through ear gauging. For those who do not apperceive about it, appraisal is authoritative the aperture bigger so one can put thicker gauges or anatomy jewelry. Barometer is absolutely a size. The accustomed ear barometer admeasurement is 16 - 18. The sizes get bigger back the cardinal is lowered.

The better that one will be able to barometer his ear is 10. There aren't a lot of shops that will do 10 at first. Ask a able aboriginal about cone-shaped afore activity for beyond sizes. This is a way to abate the abuse of addition the gauges of one's ears. You can abrasion sizes of ear gauges from 10 - 0000 afterwards that. Malls usually barometer up to 00 alone so you may accept to appointment acute shops or attending for websites online to acquisition the appropriate size.

The Rise of Body Piercing and Ear GaugesEar gauges are not the alone ones you can expand. Areas such as labrets or eyebrows can be gauged as well. If you will barometer in abnormal areas, do not go for college than 10. Ear appraisal is broadly accustomed nowadays. Afore accomplishing this, be abiding to booty the appropriate precautions and argue an accomplished appraisal able first.