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Start a Labret Piercing and Tips

Labret PiercingLabret Piercing Procedure

Labret piercing cannot be done by yourself unlike most of the other piercings. For this you need an expert piercer who will do the job in the simple and smooth way. So, find the best labret piercer in your area to pierce your labret. Here we explain you the piercing experience and the exact procedure of labret piercing.

  1. Discuss with your piercer on all important facts and aspects of labret piercing – procedure, problems, jewelry, aftercare and healing time etc. This will help you have a peaceful and happy piercing experience.
  2. After clearing all your doubts the piercer will get into his actual work. He will make a small mark on both out and in sides of the lip, to place the jewelry in the right spot. He will take lot of care to decide the exact placement, as this is the most important of the total labret piercing procedure.
  3. He will measure the lip thickness using a little tool. This helps him choose the jewelry of right length, which can help accommodate the initial swelling. After the pierce is healed it can be replaced with a shorter one. This helps in avoiding the rubbing of the disc against teeth and gums.
  4. The next important step is ‘clamp’. The piercer pulls your lip from your face without it slipping accidentally. It helps him align the needle properly.
  5. Now starts the real piercing. The piercer will line up the needle in the right angle and also makes sure you are ready to get the piercing. He will push the needle through. You may feel nervous and painful about this. But, bear the pain.
  6. The piercer will put the jewelry in. Labret piercing done!!

Aftercare of Labret Piercing:

  • After the labret piercing is done, you have to keep checking whether it affected your teeth and gums.
  • Make sure that your piercing does not cause any dental problems.
  • If you face any health effects, then take out the labret piercing with the help of your piercer.
  • Avoid touching the piercing area.
  • Avoid smoking, alcohol and chewing tobacco till the wound is completely healed.
  • Avoid make up on or around the area.
  • Wash your hands before cleaning the area.
  • The jewelry will collect plaque that results in bad odor. Use anti-plaque rinse to prevent plaque build-ups.
  • To remove plaque build-up, take out and soak the jewelry in anti-bacterial denture cleaner. Do follow the usage directions carefully.
  • Use saline solution to rinse and do it 3 times a day after eating and brushing.

Healing of Labret Piercing:

A labret piercing usually takes 6 to 8 weeks to heal.

Risks Associated with Labret Piercing:

Labret is very soft area. Though many have done this piercing and are happy with it, you should know the possible risks associated with before taking a decision. Here is a brief description about it.

  • At the time of healing, playing with the jewelry can result in prolonged healing or scarring.
  • It can cause gum loss.
  • It can cause deterioration of the inside of your lip.
  • It can damage tooth enamel.

Sometimes, the labret can get embedded inside the lip due to the swelling. This happens when a small labret is used for the piercing. Other risks include chipping of the tooth or drifting of the tooth due to the rubbing of the metal.

Labret Piercing Ideas:

A combination of 2 or more labret piercings can add variety and beauty. There are several variations of this piercing. Here are some of them:

  • Vertical labret : This piercing is done vertically on the lower lip. The labret goes from top of the lower lip and comes out below it.
  • Snake bite: Two piercings are done side by side, which give the apperance of a snake bite.
  • Spider bite: Two piercings are done very closely to each other, similar to a spider bite.
  • Lowbret: This piercing is placed low towards the chin.

If your piercing has been mistakenly not placed at the center, you can go for snake or spider piercing to make the piercing look natural.


The labret piercing does not get seasoned/tough until one year. Hence, avoid changing jewelry during this time. One should also put extra care during this time. Playing with the labret should be avoided. While getting your labret pierced, make sure you use the metal of the highest quality. Make sure the piercing is properly aligned and not off-center.

Piercing of the labret was popular among the American Northwest Coast Indians, where it was associated with status. Now it adds beauty and style. So, get this piercing if you think it suits your personality.

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