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Tribal Tattoos Make a Good Choice of Body Art

Tribal Tattoos Make a Good Choice of Body ArtTribal Chest Tattoo

Black color has its own relevance in the tribal chest tattoo designs. It's the black ink that doesn't let the tribal chest tattoo die (fade) easily. It's due to its inimitable designs that these tattoos are still in demand. The most common found tribal chest tattoos exhibit Maori designs, Eskimo totems and Aztec sun clocks and the range is unending. Besides these, tribal chest tattoo designs are created with heavy lines and different hues. Tribal chest tattoos, which are well liked for their designs, are originated from Maori, Haida, Polynesian and Native American designs. What differentiates Tribal chest tattoos from other ones is its history of body decoration. Tribal Chest tattoos symbolize relationship shared between people in a group, family, social, etc. One can go for attractive, dazzling yet exceptional tribal chest tattoos in any season on any part of the body. He or she would bring himself on the brink of risk if by chance a tattoo is wrongly done or placed on his or her body.

Tribal Tattoos Make a Good Choice of Body ArtCombination of Traditional Tattoos with Tribal Tattoos

The unique combination of traditional tattoos with tribal tattoos has made it more popular among tattoo lovers. There are different well-accepted ways available in which a traditional tattoo can be combined with a tribal tattoo to lure a tattoo lover. It's really amazing to see that how a tribal tattoo develops over a period of time once it is carried on the body. Some of the most common ways of combining traditional tattoo with Tribal tattoos are: traditional tattoo may float above a line on the tribal tattoo or it may be located in the middle of the line. Tribal tattoo is easily synonymous with sharp points and angles. Another way which is quiet famous among people is surrounding the traditional tattoo with tribal tattoo. While looking deeply at the design you would come to know that it is actually the tribal design that tends to form an image. Undoubtedly, it is the creativity and the uniqueness in the tribal tattoo designs that have brought it in vogue. Sometimes, tattoo artists make an abstract tribal design combined with Celtic Tattoos. So, what are you waiting for, get ready for a colorful tribal designs incorporated with traditional tattoos to get a funny yet cool image.

Girl Tattoos Gallery

If you are a girl looking for a cool girl tattoo, an excellent place to search is a tattoo gallery. You'll notice there are a few online galleries which may look very promising. So which one should you choose?

Here's my girl tattoo gallery review which will give you an idea of which one to choose for beautiful designs.

Girl Tattoos Gallery1. An Exclusive Girl Tattoo Gallery

There are galleries online which are exclusively "girl only". That is, they cater specifically to female tattoo designs. Now while you may think that this must be the gallery for you, hold on for one moment. While, yes, you will get many girl designs, you also lose out on a lot of "gender neutral" designs which can look very beautiful as tattoos. Recently I saw a girl who just had some ink placed on. It was a tiger placed on her back, and it looked extremely sexy! Somehow it was very feminine as well. But it was the kind of ink that you likely wouldn't find in a girl tattoo only site. So if you want a smaller selection base of feminine only designs then this type of gallery might be for you. but if you want a larger selection, consider other gallery sites.

Girl Tattoos Gallery2. The Unlimited Tattoo Design Gallery

These are galleries which have thousands of high quality designs, and are constantly being updated with new designs. While this may sound a bit overwhelming, and you start to realize that such a gallery will require a lot of time to go through, I believe in the end it really is worth it. The thing with tattoos are their permanence and the "regret factor". You definitely don't want to regret your ink, and I believe putting in your "due diligence" and going through a lot of designs to ensure you are getting the absolute best is really the way to go. Besides, it's actually fun! Once you get going on one of these sites, you really won't want to stop. It's really fun going through and bookmarking your top designs, and eventually narrowing down your decision.

Tribal Back Tattoos for Everyone

Tribal Back Tattoos for EveryoneChoosing to get a tattoo is one of the most important - and highly personal - decisions you will make. You will have to choose a design, a position, a color, a studio, an artist, and maybe even make more decisions than that. If you're feeling overwhelmed, don't worry, because there's one design that's sure to give you some great ideas: tribal back tattoos.

If you're a man, you know that tribal tattoos are very popular. You probably have friends who have tattooed armbands that are made up of intricate line patterns or other symbols. Even if no one you know personally has a tattoo, you've definitely seen them on television and in movies. But have you ever thought about getting a tribal tattoo on your back?

Don't think that back tattoos are just for the ladies. Many men choose to get tattoos on their back, for a variety of reasons. One of these is that your back is a large space that is relatively consistent in terms of skin. This makes it a particularly convenient place to get a tattoo, because your artist has more space to work with and a more uniform canvas. Choosing a back tattoo means you'll end up saving money.

Tribal tattoos look great on the back because they are versatile designs. For example, a tribal tatoo could be a large sun with flames - a design that would look great in the center of your back. A Celtic knot would also look good here. If you want to get a tattoo across the shoulders, you could choose a design that is more linear. Obviously, you have lots of choices.

But tribal tattoos aren't just for the boys! Lots of women are starting to choose tribal designs when they get tattoos. The versatility of this particular design is one reason for its increasing popularity. If you have a particular ethnic heritage you're proud of, you can undoubtedly find a symbol that will look great as a tattoo.

Back tattoos are especially popular with women because they are extremely sexy. Many men are already attracted to the back, and a tribal tattoo can be a great way of drawing attention to your sexy curves and alluring figure. Back tattoos are also good because you can hide them if you need to - just make sure to wear a shirt that covers it completely.

Another consideration to keep in mind when you're looking for tribal tattoo designs is cost. Both the size and position of your tattoo determine how expensive it will be. If you get a tattoo on your back, you'll probably pay less than for other places, because it is a relatively easy place for artists to access. Also, if you choose color instead of monochrome, expect to pay a little more.

Tribal back tattoos are a great tattoo design choice because they're so versatile. No matter if you're a man or a woman, if you want color or monochrome, or if you want a big or small tattoo, tribal designs are sure to give you exactly what you want.

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Symptoms of Cartilage Piercing Infection

  1. Cartilage PiercingYou may experience severe pain, redness and swelling in and around the piercing site.
  2. Often, very often, a white fluid drains out of piercing. This must not be mistaken with pus, because it is lymphatic fluid that acts like a cleanser for dirt and bacteria.
  3. After a few days, yellowish crust forms, indicating that the piercing has started healing. However, it cannot be with every piercing.
  4. If proper care is not taken while piercing, it can lead to infections or if you do not take proper aftercare instructions, infections may develop.
  5. Infections are characterized with pus formation, bleeding, throbbing pain and bumps on piercing. Sometimes, piercing may produce foul smell.

Care for Cartilage Piercing Infection

Cartilage PiercingA professional piercer must advise a person about proper piercing care. He must execute some precautionary steps while piercing. He must use sterilized instruments and wear clean gloves while piercing. Apart from these, a person who gets his ear pierced must follow the following steps to avoid cartilage infection.
  • Do not touch cartilage piercing with the naked hands. Dirty hands is the access point for bacteria to enter the piercing.
  • Use a disinfectant soap to wash the hands properly.
  • Never play with piercing jewelry. Fingering the piercing jewelry with dirty hands cause infection.
  • While putting on clothes, take proper care of piercing.
  • Use an antiseptic lotion to clean the piercing twice a day, till it heals completely. You can soak jewelry in alcohol solution for disinfecting it.
  • Never apply hydrogen peroxide, tea tree oil or alcohol directly on piercing.
  • Don’t change the jewelry frequently in the initial months.
  • Always keep your hair clean and do not keep the public telephone receiver on the ear directly.

Risks of Tongue Piercing

Risks of Tongue PiercingFollowing are the risks in tongue piercing:

Tongue has major blood vessels connected to it, that reach the brain. If the blood vessels in this area get damaged while piercing, it causes infection that spreads to other vital organs, particularly brain. In worst cases, infection in tongue piercing may cause death.

Nerve Damage:
The major risk of tongue piercing in association with blood loss is the nerve damage. As you know, if the nerve gets damaged, it can’t be corrected. A damage to nerve in the tongue can make the tongue useless. Hence, nerve damage and tongue piercing has a close relation, that is very important aspect of tongue piercing.

Blood Loss:
Before infection, piercing process leads to a puncture of blood vessels and it leads to severe blood loss. Only surgery can help in perforating the blood vessel.

Oral and Dental Issues:
People opt for barbells when they get their tongues pierced. This results in fractures, chips and cracks to the front teeth. If it is so, fillings or crowns are required to repair the broken teeth. Additionally, barbell may rub against the sensitive gum tissues and they must be dealt with a surgery.

Painful Affair:
In some people, tongue piercing may cause neuralgia, that refers to the severe pain. It is an unnerving and uncomfortable condition. Pain causes problems while speaking and eating. It becomes worse, if the food gets stuck in the barbell.

Gulping it down:
There is potential risk of swallowing the jewelry. It gets worse if gets stuck in the lungs which leads to other problems.

Procedure and Aftercare of Eyebrow Piercing

Procedure and Aftercare of Eyebrow PiercingProcedure:
A needle is sterilized with by rubbing alcohol initially. It is held with the clean rubber gloves and allowed it to dry. The piercing area is wiped off with rubbing alcohol and any hair strand which might there must be pulled back or removed. Now, the skin is shifted and is maneuvered with fingers such that the needle may be pushed straight into the skin on other side. If the person is ready, then needle is pushed firmly and quickly to the other side. Needle is removed by the piercer and jewelry is pushed into the piercing. Finally, the area around the piercing is cleaned thoroughly with soap and water.

Fortunately, this piercing does not get irritated easily and thus, it is one of the safest piercings. Unfortunately, this piercing hurts while it is being pierced. But it is not that important, the important part is its aftercare. Following things must be kept in mind regarding the piercing on eyebrow:
  • The healing time of eyebrow piercing is about 6 – 8 weeks.
  • The most important thing about the piercing is it must be cleaned every day.
  • Make a salt solution and soak a cotton ball in it. Apply this cotton ball on the piercing to dissolve any crust.
  • Make sure that you clean your hands with antibacterial soap before touching.
  • Do not use anything that contains alcohol, betadine or hydrogen peroxide to the piercing.
  • Do not wear any makeup on or near the piercing until it heals completely.
  • If you have a barbell, use a soft toothbrush to remove any crusting.
  • When your piercing is new, do not handle, twist or swim the piercing to avoid irritation.
  • Remember to sleep on other side of the piercing. This avoids infection and snagging of ring.
  • If you have any infection, consult the piercer immediately.
  • The aftercare regime must be followed until the piercing heals fully.

How to Remove a Henna Tattoo

How to Remove a Henna Tattoo
  1. A henna tattoo has a lifespan of two to three weeks on average. It fades gradually, more or less quickly depending on the elements which are subject skin (frequent washing, perspiration, temperature).
  2. Some advice using scouring household products, abrasives, bleach, sponges scratchy ... Needless to say, the damage that may cause such treatment on the skin: Do not therefore follow that advice thoughtless.
  3. The best solution is often to wash the portion of skin tattooed with black soap, rubbing (not too loud!) With a washcloth or a small soft brush. A scrub or massage at the coffee can greatly help, you can create a mixture of these two products (soap + sticky grains) containing a few drops of hydrogen peroxide or a pinch of baking soda (the lightening power recognized), that you will use several times a day.
  4. Moisturize your skin after each wash, on pain of seeing dry and ignite. In doing so several times a day, you can expect to see your tattoo fade significantly after about a week, maybe less depending on the initial color of henna. The cologne applied using a cotton gently rubbed against the skin can bring good results to finish.

Ingredients Used to Make Henna

Ingredients Used to Make HennaWhile making henna, there are a variety of ingredients which can be used to create specialized combinations of the ink that can be used to create temporary ink tattoos which can last up to four weeks on the body.

Ingredients Used to Make HennaHere are some of the ingredients which are used to make the ink that is used within henna and used to create temporary tattoos, traditionally on the hands and feet.

1. Henna Powder is used to create the ink that is used within henna tattoos. The type of henna ink which is most popular is created through the use of a powder, in which other components are combined with the powder to create a paste. Once this paste has been created it is left to gain color and develop the ink within the powder, at which point, more liquid is added to obtain the pasty texture.

2. Lemon juice is an ingredient which is used to make the henna ink paste, and it is combined with the henna powder to create the ink. In the instance that the henna ink is too dry, additional lemon juice will be added to the mixture. It has been speculated that the acid within the lemon juice is an effective way to develop the ink which exists through the henna tattoo ink.

3. Essential oils are the third component of what is used to create henna ink for temporary tattoos. The essential oils which are used within a variety of tattoos are most often lavender which is used to create a calming scent of the henna as it is being applied to the body.

Finding henna powder can be simple. There are a variety of cultural stores which keep the henna powder in stock, as well as many internet retailers which have been known to stock the ink powder in their stock.

Henna Tattoo Design Tips

While applying henna dye to the skin to create a temporary tattoo, there are a variety of tattoo designs which can be used. There are a variety of types and styles of tattoos and therefore it is important to use a stencil or an outline to have a general idea of the shape and size of the tattoo, in the case that you are an inexperienced artist. This can help to reduce the mistakes which are made while the tattoo is applied, as henna will stain the skin instantly and therefore cause the ink to appear on various parts of the skin.

Have the design chosen before the individual is having the henna tattoo applied to the skin, this can help to also reduce the mistakes that are made. Remember, the henna tattoo should be applied as a paste and will dry to the skin, leaving the impact of the ink on the skin. Therefore, the ink should be left to dry until it has set into the skin and will last an average of two to four weeks before coming off of the skin.

Henna Tattoo Design TipsWhile designing the henna tattoo, there are many people that make use of freehand tattoos with the use of brush that can be used to apply the henna. These types of tattoos are often applied in a ritualistic manner, such as before a special event such as a birth or a wedding and are applied by members of the family in certain cultures. These members of the family have more than likely been applying henna for longer than they can remember and therefore are aware of how to use henna as well as the designs which are commonly used.

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Assorted Types of Lip Piercing

Assorted Types of Lip PiercingTypes of Lip Piercing:
Piercings on lip can be kept anywhere round the mouth. Following are some types of lip piercings:

1. Lip ring: This is a ring which passes through bottom of the lip. This can be off-centered or centered. This piercing is preferred by many wannabe hunks.

2. Vertical labret: This passes through the lower lip, which is parallel to the tissue. The bar has a very slight curve. It can be seen both below the lower lip and in between the upper and lower lips.

3. Labret: Usually, it refers to a single piercing on the lower lip. Also labrets can be done in pairs, generally on either side of the center. This can be done in the center too. If you wish to choose metal labret stud, you may use other metals and ends. These studs are available in titanium, gold and steel. These can be fixed with balls, gemstone ends or spikes. You may also get acrylic or stone balls or the novelty shapes, such as gold bunny.

4. Horizontal lip piercing: This is rare lip piercing. This is a horizontal bar, generally through the lip’s red part and generally on the lower lip.

5. Snakebites: These are observed on opposite sides of lower lip and both studs and rings can be used as a jewelry for this.

6. Angel bites: Choose this type of piercing if you wish try an adventerous look. This contains a couple of upper lip piercings on either sides of lip. Labret studs can only be used for this lip piercing.

7. Filtrum piercing: This is labret piercing on the upper lip.

8. Monroe piercing: These are labret studs adorned on upper lip where some celebrities like Marilyn Monroe had made a beauty mark. This labret jewelry is commonly used for labret piercing in the middle, just above the chin.

9. Spider bites: This piercing type is done on the lower lip on opposite sides of mouth.

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Extreme Piercing on Nose

If you're one suitable for your piercing lovers to follow this blog continues and make sure you get new information about the world of piercing ok.

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Types of Labret Piercing Jewelry

Types of Labret Piercing JewelryHere are some of the jewelry options of labret piercing:

Types of Labret Piercing JewelryLabret Stud:
This is the most common jewelry used for labret piercing. Labret stud has a straight shaft which is attached to a flat disc on one end and a bead on the other end. When fixed, the flat disc sits inside the mouth and the round bead is visible outside. 16 gauge or 14 gauge labret stud is used for this piercing.

Types of Labret Piercing JewelryLabret Spike:
This is similar to a labret stud, except that instead of a round bead, this jewelry has a spiked bead. The spiked bead is a variation of the normal stud and looks stylish.

Types of Labret Piercing JewelryCaptive Bead Ring: A captive bead ring is also popular jewelry used for labret piercing. This has a ring with bead in between.

Types of Labret Piercing JewelryLabret retainers:
Labret retainers have the shape of a labret stud, but they are transparent. They are used to hide the piercing. Some of the retainers are also of flesh-colored, which helps to keep the piercing discreet

Various materials such as titanium, stainless steel, niobium are used for labret piercing jewelry. To prevent damage to the gums, you can also choose jewelry made of bioplast, glass, wood or acrylic.

With various labret piercing jewelry, you would have a lot of options to choose from. So, do discuss with your piercer about the jewelry type which would best suit you.

Cartilage Piercing Jewelry Informations

Piercing JewelryHere are the most popular cartilage piercing jewelry options:

. Antitragus
. Conch, also popular as Shell piercing
. Daith
. Helix and Top Ear
. Rook and Snug
. Tragus
. Vertical Lobe

Suitable Types for Cartilage Piercing Jewelry:

Captured bead rings
These are cheaper than barbells. To remove or replace the bead you need special pilers, especially in case of thicker gauge jewelry. You are advised to avoid sleepers with sharp edges because the joint may damage your piercing.

It’s better to go for internally threaded barbells. If the bar is externally threaded, make sure the threads are not exposed.

Studs are a better choice providing there is sufficient room to expose the piercing when cleaning.

-Suitable Sizes for Cartilage Piercing:
Use only 18 gauge or heavier jewelry. Smaller gauges migrate out through your skin.

-Suitable Materials for cartilage piercing:
. Surgical Stainless Steel, titanium, 18 carat gold, niobium, PTFE

. Don’t use 9ct gold, silver or gold plated jewelry for cartilage piercing, because these can stain the tissues permanently. Before the piercing is healed the gold plating will wear off the jewelry.

When to Change Cartilage Piercing Jewelry? If you change your jewelry during the healing period, you may damage your piercing. You have to take the help of a professional piercer, if you change the jewelry before healing. After the piercing is healed, you can do it by yourself.

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Techniques and Risks of Nipple Piercing

Techniques and Risks of Nipple PiercingTechniques
  • Piercing that are undertaken by experts involve the use of an exceedingly pointed hollow surgical needle similar to the ones employed for giving drips or blood.
  • This implies that for the majority of nipple piercing the needle is pierced in an instant and the degree of uneasiness is minimal.
Techniques and Risks of Nipple PiercingRisks

There are a number of risks that are associated with naval piercing. The risks involved are mentioned below.

Infection: In the absence of adequate care, infection can result in scarring and even blood poisoning.

Allergic Reaction: Some people are allergic to particular metals and only realize this during piercing and have a serious reaction to the jewelry.

Nerve Damage: If a piercing isn’t positioned cautiously, it can penetrate a nerve, detaching it and making the adjoining area devoid of any sensation.

Nipple Piercing Care Tips

Nipple Piercing Care TipsThe nipple is one of the most popular body piercing sites for both men and women. Nipple jewellery can be made from gold, white gold, steel or gold-plated steel. Popular varieties include a ring (with or without a bead or pendant threaded through it), a dumbbell and a D-shaped ring with the straight side through the nipple.

It is important to choose an experienced piercer in order to reduce the risk of infection. Hygiene is crucial. For example, if the instruments aren't properly sterilised between clients, you may catch a blood-borne disease, such as hepatitis B.

Nipple Piercing Care

Don't touch or handle the piercing unnecessarily.

Don't twirl or turn the jewellery unnecessarily for the first month or so.

Clean and disinfect daily and turn ring from one end to the other. Scabs that form on either end of the piercing should be left alone. During the first 3 weeks avoid swimming, long hot baths and sauna due to a raised chance of infection from tissue softening.

Cover with gauze during sun tanning. During the healing process a scab will form and the puncture site may ooze slightly (lymph). The oozing may get onto the ring and when dry is like a scab. This should be removed from the ring using warm water and slowly turning the ring. This is done best under the shower.

During sleep or exercise, keep jewellery in place and the piercing intact by either covering with sticking plaster or wearing a bra.

Nipple Piercing Care TipsHealing

For women who opt for nipple piercing, healing period runs six to twelve months. This is a crucial piercing, regarded as a deep tissue injury in technical term. The piercing heals from the external limits back towards the middle and can frequently take a great deal of time to become properly established.

Techniques and Risks of Nose Piercing

Techniques and Risks of Nose PiercingTechniques
  1. Piercing that are undertaken by experts involve the use of an exceedingly pointed hollow surgical needle similar to the ones employed for giving drips or blood.
  2. This implies that for the majority of nose piercing the needle is pierced in an instant and the degree of uneasiness is minimal.
Techniques and Risks of Nose PiercingNose Piercing Risks

There are a number of risks that are associated with nose piercing. The risks involved are mentioned below.

In the absence of adequate care, infection can result in scarring and even blood poisoning.

Allergic Reaction:
Some people are allergic to particular metals and only realize this during piercing and have a serious reaction to the jewelry.

Nerve Damage:
If a piercing isn’t positioned cautiously, it can penetrate a nerve, detaching it and making the adjoining area devoid of any sensation

Aftercare Tips for Nose Piercing

Aftercare Tips for Nose PiercingAftercare Tips

You must at all times make it a point to keep your hands clean prior to touching your nose piercing. You need to do this to ensure that your hands are not the source of contamination for the area that has been pierced. The use of sterile cotton, cotton gauze or other disinfected material should be used for cleaning from the second night onwards.

Aftercare Tips for Nose PiercingHealing Nose Piercing

The curing of an ordinary wound and the healing of a nose piercing is significantly dissimilar. For a normal wound the body simply has to restore and rejoin the injured tissue, but with nose piercing, this process is made difficult by the presence of an unfamiliar substance, the jewelry.

The healing period for nostril and septum piercings can take between six and twelve weeks.

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How to Hide a Tongue Piercing

Having a tongue piercing has become somewhat of a norm. However, employers often request that their employees not have visible piercings. Instead of taking the jewelry out and letting the tongue piercing close, many people have chosen to hide the fact that they have such a piercing. Hiding the fact that you have your tongue pierced is pretty easy.
  • How to Hide a Tongue PiercingSpeak with your employer about the company's rules on body jewelry. Some companies are more lax on their rules than others.
  • Go to your local body jewelry shop and purchase a retainer for your piercing. Retainers are clear, usually plastic pieces of jewellery that are used to retain piercings when it is not possible to wear regular jewelry.
  • Wear the retainer when you are at work. The clear jewelry makes it possible for you to both keep your piercing and follow the rules set by your employer.
  • Use your normal jewelry when you are not at work. Retainers are not designed to be used permanently.

Corset Piercing Instructions

Corset Piercing InstructionsA corset piercing consists of a series of piercings done in two rows, usually done down the back, arm, leg and occasionally the female genitals. The corset piercing is laced with a piece of ribbon to give it the appearance of being an actual corset. Usually a corset piercing is done for aesthetic reasons as opposed to being a permanent piercing.

Corset Piercing InstructionsCorset Piercing Instructions
  • Research corset piercings extensively.
  • Talk to your piercer to see if she does this kind of piercing. If she is not comfortable with it, ask her to recommend other piercers who are comfortable doing a corset piercing.
  • Make an appointment to get your piercing done once you have settled on a piercer. You might want to set it up for a day you can take off work because you are going to be sore after you have been pierced.
  • Arrive at your appointment a few minutes early so that you can fill out any paperwork that is needed.
  • Follow any and all aftercare instructions your piercer gives you. If any questions or problems arise, contact the person who pierced you.

Care Tips for a Corset Piercing

Care Tips for a Corset PiercingCare Tips
  • Attending care for a corset piercing varies whether or not the piercing is still in, or freshly taken out, so if the piercing is still in make sure that the area around each piercing is free of scabbing and dried blood. Utilize a Q-tip dipped hydrogen peroxide to clean the area. Dab the topical ointment around each piercing.
  • Removal of the piercing can result in bleeding and possible bruising. Apply firm pressure with the gauze to each removed piercing to cease blood flow, if necessary. Wipe entire area with hydrogen peroxide to remove any residue, dried blood and to disinfect.
  • Spray the sea salt liquid thoroughly over entire back area, until dripping, as this calms the pierced area and reduces itching and irritation. Wait until dry. Repeat this step two to three times a day, every day, for at least a week to soothe the formerly pierced area, encourage healing and prevent scarring.
  • Apply the topical cream or gel when necessary (i.e. crustiness around the pierced area, swelling, excessive itchiness).
  • Wait at least a month before having the corset piercing procedure the next time in order to fully heal.

How to Hide a Labret Piercing

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  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.
  • Carefully spray your labret piercing once using a spray bottle filled with water. This will allow you to remove the body jewelry with ease and will prevent tearing of the delicate skin that is around the pierced hole.
  • Put the old labret piercing into a safe and clean place. Usually a jewelry box is a good place for it, but you can also put it in a resealable plastic bag if you simply cannot find an appropriate place that is clean.
  • Remove the clear labret piercing retainer from its packaging and lay it onto a clean surface.
  • Pour out the water that is in the spray bottle and refill it with warm water.
  • Add sea salt to the bottle and shake it to ensure that most of the salt has dissolved.
  • Spray the clear labret retainer liberally with the salt mixture; also spray the hole in which the retainer will go.
  • Unscrew the tip of the retainer and gently place the main part of the jewelry into your piercing and screw on the top of the retainer.

Clean Self-Pierced Labret Piercings

Clean Self-Pierced Labret PiercingsA labret is an accessory worn in a pierced hole around the lips and is commonly found in cultures throughout the world. The most popular labret piercings are directly above the upper lip, directly below the lower lip, and beneath either edge of the lower lip. Whether you pierced your lip yourself or had it professionally done, it is important to keep your labret piercing consistently clean. Use this guide to clean your labret piercings, and consult your personal physician immediately if they become infected.

Clean Self-Pierced Labret PiercingsHow to Clean Self-Pierced Labret
  1. Wash your hands thoroughly before and after touching and cleaning your labret piercing.
  2. Soak the piercing with saline solution once a day to avoid skin discoloration and remove buildup. Soak a cotton swab with saline solution to clean the pierced surface.
  3. Rinse mouth with salt water or alcohol-free antibacterial mouth rinse after every meal.
  4. Use dental floss to remove plaque buildup on the end of your labret jewelry.
  5. Do not share lipstick or lip balm when you have a labret piercing. Apply it directly from the tube instead of using your finger, to keep the piercing clean.

How to Clean Nose Piercings

How to Clean Nose PiercingsNose piercing is one of the more common forms of body art. There are several types of nose piercing, including nostril piercing, nasal septum piercing, which refers to the area between the nostril, and bridge piercing, which refers to the skin at the top of your nose, near the eyes. Evidence of nose piercing dates back to Old Testament Biblical times. As with any piercing, one should take special care to make sure it is taken care of and cleaned properly, to help keep the risk of risk of infection to a minimum.

How to Clean Nose PiercingsThe following is How to Clean Nose Piercings
  1. Clean the piercing every day using an antibacterial soap, or a sea salt and water solution. Remove any crusting that forms around the jewelry by gently cleaning with a cotton ball soaked in the salt water solution. Do not use iodized salt, which could be harmful to the healing skin tissue. Gently pat the area dry with a soft tissue or paper towel after cleaning.
  2. Apply a small amount of lavender oil to the area that has been pierced after cleaning to help promote healing.
  3. Avoid using alcohol, peroxide, betadine or tea tree oil to clean the pierced area. Although these products do disinfect they are harsh to your healing flesh.
  4. Do not remove your jewelry while your piercing is still healing. Always make sure that your hands are clean before touching the area.

Hiding and Unhiding Septum Piercing

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You may consider a septum piercing, which you can hide during the healing period and after. Leaving your jewelry out of your septum piercing can cause the piercing to shrink or completely close, but there are several different types of jewelry for septum piercings and some are suitable for wearing inside your nostrils to help conceal your septum piercing.
  1. Ask your piercer to pierce your septum with a retainer or circular barbell. Septum retainers are surgical steel and have the color of silver. The retainer is shaped similar to a staple, with the horizontal end inside the septum piercing channel and the two sides of the jewelry hang down in front of the nostrils. A circular barbell is U-shaped, with a bead on each end. The piercer will open the space in between the sides of the jewelry to fit inside your nostrils.
  2. Wash your hands with soap and water. Avoid touching any surface or skin to prevent transferring dirt or bacteria to your septum jewelry and piercing. Dry your hands with a paper towel and dispose of the towel in the trash. If you are wearing a circular barbell, tighten the beads on the ends by turning the beads to the right.
  3. Open your mouth as wide as possible. Curl your upper lip over your top row of teeth. Making these motions with mouth will cause your septum to stretch and become thinner in the center of your nostrils. Push the visible ends of your septum piercing jewelry up and into your nostrils. Relax your face and observe that no part of the septum jewelry is visible.

How to Pierce Your Septum

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  1. Get pierced during the right season. If you're prone to colds in the winter, wait until winter is over to get your piercing. If you're prone to allergies, wait until the allergy season is over. Sneezing can irritate or dislodge a new piercing.
  2. Locate a piercer you're comfortable with. Because the septum piercing is so common, any reputable piercing studio can do it well.
  3. Discuss your jewelry needs with the piercer. Circular barbells and captive bead rings are two common pieces of jewelry for a septum piercing. However, if you need to be able to hide your piercing, consider a septum retainer for your first piece of jewelry.
  4. Allow the piercer to clean the inside of your nose and feel your septum for the correct placement of the jewelry. She may next put clamps in place, or she may do the piercing without clamps.
  5. Take a deep breath as your piercer prepares to move the needle through your septum. Let it out as slowly as you can as you get pierced.
  6. Ensure that the jewelry hangs straight as your piercing heals, adjusting it slightly if you notice it becoming crooked. Use salt water soaks to help speed the healing process.

Types of Ear Piercings

Types of Ear PiercingsFollowing are some types of ear piercings:
  1. Anti-Tragus Piercing: This is a raised cartilage fold which sits on outer side of ear, just above the ear lobe and opposite to tragus. Most people cannot try anti tragus piercing because of its size. It is very small, but one can use micro jewelry particularly ball closure rings. It takes 8 – 16 weeks to heal.
  2. Helix Piercing: This is second most common ear piercing type. This is located on upper cartilage. This piercing can be down either with a cuff style, a hoop or a stud. Healing time for this piercing type is 6 – 8 months.
  3. Auricle Piercing: Auricle piercing is the cartilage rim which rubs along the edge/side of outer part of ear. This is the most common ear piercing type. Ball closure rings suit this best. Healing time for auricle piercing is 2 – 3 weeks.
  4. Conch Piercing: Conch is the largest cartilage which comprises of the back side of ear. Ball closure rings with larger diameter suit this type of piercing. You may go in outer conch piercings and inner conch piercings. It takes 8 – 16 weeks to heal completely.
  5. Daith Piercing: Daith is the crux of helix. This is the cartilage fold which sits under the rook and very close to ear canal. You must choose micro ball closure rings for this type of piercing. Daith piercing needs 8 – 16 weeks to heal.
  6. Industrial Piercing: This is the most craziest type of ear piercing. Industrial piercings is 2 or more separate rim piercings which are joined by a barbell. It is utmost important to take care of industrial piercing. It takes 8 – 16 weeks to heal this piercings.
  7. Orbital Piercings: Orbital piercings is a type of piercing which enters and exits the same ear part. Actually it is made up of 2 piercing holes, with 1 ball closure ring passing through both the piercings. This can be placed anywhere in the ear, but often they are located in ear lobe or helix. Healing time for orbital piercing is 8 – 16 weeks.
  8. Lobe Piercing: this is another most common type of ear piercing. Every girl might have done this in their childhood. This can be the best type of ear piercing for men too. Ear lobe is is the fleshy tissue which hangs at the bottom of your ear. Blood circulation is more in this part. While going for lobe piercing, ensure that piercing is at the centre of the lobe. Any sort of accessories suit this type of piercing. Healing time for this piercing is 6 – 10 weeks.
  9. Pinna Piercing: Pinna piercing is located on the rim of the cartilage along the upper part of the ear. One of the most popular pinna piercing type is the forward pinna piercing. It takes 8 – 16 weeks to heal pinna piercing.
  10. Rook Piercing: Rook is the upper most fold of the cartilage, below the helix. Rook piercing needs micro jewelry as the fold is very small. It needs 8 – 16 weeks to heal completely.
  11. Scaffold Piercing: In this type of piercing, two or more separate rims are joined by one barbell. Healing time for scaffold piercing is 8 – 16 weeks.
  12. Snug Piercing: This is situated at the inner cartilage, half way f\down from the external rim of the ear and above the anti tragus. Micro jewelry particularly curved barbells are preferred for this snug piercing. It takes about 8 – 16 weeks to heal.
  13. Tragus Piercing: Tragus is the toughest fold of cartilage which sticks out away from the ear. You can choose vertical tragus piercing also. It takes 8 – 16 weeks for healing tragus piercing.
  14. Transverse Lobe Piercing: This type of piercing includes transverse piercing on the ear lobe together with a curved barbell. 6 – 10 weeks are required for healing transverse lobe piercing.
  15. Dermal Punch: Usually it is done at the back of the ear. Actually, it punches out a ear piece from piercing. They are located at the flat area of the ear. This piercing is more popular with men compared with women. It takes 6 – 10 weeks to heal completely.
  16. Ear weaving: This is the most sexiest type of ear piercing. It involves the usage f helical accessories along the pinna. Ear weaving needs 8 – 16 weeks to heal.

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Eyebrow Piercing Barbell

Eyebrow PiercingAn eyebrow piercing is done through the eyebrow, vertically. It usually lies at a 40 degree angle to the eyebrow. For this piercing, jewelry such as captive bead ring or barbells are used. However, barbells are more popular as they look stylish and bold. Barbells of thickness 12 gauge to 18 gauge are used for this piercing.

Eyebrow Piercing Barbell

Barbells for eyebrow piercing can be of the following types:
  1. Straight barbell
  2. Curved barbell
  3. Twisted barbells
  4. Spiked barbells

The thickness of the barbell can be 12 gauge, 14 gauge, 16 gauge, or 18 gauge. Generally, straight barbells are used. These barbells have a shaft with two rounded beads on either ends. Similarly, curved barbells are curved at a certain angle. Spiked barbells have a conical bead instead of the rounded ones.

The metals for the eyebrow piercing barbell can be stainless steel, chromium or niobium. Avoid using barbells made of nickel as they can trigger an allergy.

Barbell Retainer

Some of the barbells are transparent and are made to hide the piercing. These barbells are made of bioplast or acrylic. The barbell retainers should be used only after the piercing is healed.

Eyebrow piercing is done using the standard clamp and pierce fashion. Initially, the piercer would mark the spots on the eyebrow. After this, the area is clamped and the piercer would insert a needle. Now, the barbell is inserted and fixed.

As there are many choices for the eyebrow piercing barbells, choose the one which best suits you. Choosing reliable materials such as stainless steel, niobium or chromium is recommended.

Popular Style of Nipple Piercing Jewelry

Nipple PiercingIf you have your nipples pierced, make sure that you treat it with care and style it with the best nipple jewelry or ring. While many people are aware that there are various designs, types and colors of earrings or for ear lobe piercing, not many people are familiar with the various designs of nipple piercing jewelry. There are various types of nipple jewelry, including circular barbells, ball closure rings and straight barbells. So, that one can choose the best or the one which suits on each personality. Here are some of the most popular styles of nipple piercing jewelry.

Nipple Bars

One of the most popular type of nipple piercing jewelry is Nipple Bars. These nipple bars come in a wide range of materials, colors and styles. However, choose surgical grade steel, flexible Bioflex and colorful titanium nipple bars for sensitive or the initial nipple piercing.
surgical Grade steel nipple-piercing-bar Titanium darkblue nipple barsilver adjustable nipple-bar

Nipple Rings

There are a huge range of nipple rings. So, you can make the best of your nipple piercings by changing different styles of nipple rings according to your dress and personality. There are three main types of nipple piercing rings. They are circular barbells, smooth segment rings and ball closure rings.

Each type of these nipple rings will give you a trendy and different look. Circular barbells comes in a very different and funky designs which gives the wearer a unique and funky look. Ball closure rings come in a very simple design yet very attractive and give the classic look, while smooth segment rings create a seamless look.

Nipple Shields

Nipple shields are a great way to make a fashion statement. So, if you are planning to flaunt your new brand nipple piercing, you may like to go for this nipple piercing shield. They are very comfortable to wear and simply gives a stunning look. These shields come in stylish titanium, sterling silver and black-line designs.

Tongue Piercing Aftercare Tips

Tongue PiercingHealing after Tongue Piercing

It takes around 2 weeks to heal tongue piercing. Usually it is difficult to develop any infection as saliva contains anti-bacterial enzymes. Overuse of mouthwashes with astringent may neutralize these enzymes hence turning the tongue brown or green. If it occurs it is advised to reduce the mouthwash quantity you are using. You would observe slight swelling on the day of piercing, but the worst swelling would appear between 2-6 days after piercing. During this time you would find your tongue to be very uncoordinated and may also find difficulty while talking.

Aftercare for Tongue Piercing
  1. For the first 3-5 days you are advised to eat soft and mashed food. Best food for you would be juices, shakes and yogurts. You can also take vitamin supplements to boost up your immune system. Baby food is the best choice during this phase.
  2. Once you start with solid food eating, be careful that you don’t bite the long barbell. There are chances of barbell biting which may result in chipping or splitting of your tooth. So be careful while eating solid food.
  3. You can try using anti-inflammatory or anti-bacterial throat lozenges after meals or several times a day. These would help in faster healing of your tongue.
  4. It is advisable to rinse your mouth with warm salty water after meals or many a times in a day. This would promote the healing process.
  5. Eat lot of cold foods like frozen yogurts, ice creams, small ice blocks or crushed ice this would help you in pain and swelling reduction.
  6. It is better to change from longer barbell to shorter stem after at least 10 days to avoid your tongue to swell up again.
  7. Use a soft tooth brush to remove plaque formed on the jewelry during the healing phase.
  8. Once in a week with clean hands check that the jewelry is screwed up tight.
  9. Every morning first drink chilled water; this would help in alleviating your swelling.
  10. Don’t talk much in your initial days of piercing as excess movement may cause the barbell to wound your tongue.
  11. During the healing phase avoid taking hot foods like soup, coffee or tea; this would increase your pain. Try and avoid spicy food as this main increase swelling.
  12. Avoid playing with the piercing during the initial phase of healing as this may delay the healing process and may also lead to scar formation.
  13. Do not replace the jewelry during the healing phase as reinsertion of the jewelry might be painful.
  14. Do not remove the jewelry as the hole closes quickly.
  15. Do not put dirty things in your mouth like pens or fingernails.
  16. Refrain yourself from oral sex for the initial 15 days, including kissing your partner.

Tongue Piercing Informations

Tongue piercing
Tongue piercingTongue piercing is the most common and popular form of piercing. In fact it is not a new practice. It is being practiced since ages. Tongue piercing was a common ritual among people of ancient Aztecs and Mayas of Central America. Haida, Kwakiutul, and Tlinglit tribes who belong to American Northwest also used to practice tongue piercing. In their rituals they used to pierce the tongue to draw blood to propitiate the gods.

Procedure of Tongue Piercing

Tongue piercing is not a painful task as tongue is a striated muscle, so the needle just slips in between these striations. The tongue do swells up after piercing but regains its original form after few days. Tongue is first pierced with the long barbell; after the swelling subsides it is replaced by a proper size barbell. Usually tongue has a dimple in the front region and it is considered to be the perfect place for piercing. After piercing you won’t be able to talk or eat solid food properly for some days. This sometimes may lead to short time depressions. You need to plan your tongue piercing time according to your job requirements, big weekends or vacations.

Tongue Piercing Jewelry

Tongue piercing JewelryBarbell is the most common type of jewelry used for tongue piercing. These barbells are available in colored plastic, gold plated surgical steel and surgical steel. After the tongue is healed, the long barbell can be replaced by small balls, tongue retainers or labret studs. There is a large variety of jewelry options for tongue piercing. You can go for jewelry like large or small balls in gemstone, UV that glows in the dark, glitter, colored Acrylic, surgical steel and gold plated surgical steel. If you want to hide your tongue piercing then you can try flat top, painted in flesh colored.