Sunday, December 26, 2010

Procedure and Aftercare Tips for Monroe Piercing

Monroe PiercingProcedure of Monroe piercing

  • With the help of a permanent marker, the piercer will mark the spot first for your Monroe. You would have to choose from the couple of spots selected by the piercer.
  • You would be asked to clean your mouth with a mouthwash so as to sterilize it.
  • Then the piercer would clamp your upper lip and would pass a hollow needle through the lip.
  • Now a labret stud would be placed in your lip. Generally the labret used initially is longer than the size you would prefer, this done to give space for the swelling. And after the swelling would subside longer labret would be replaced by a shorter one.
  • You would be asked to follow the aftercare instruction given by your piercer.

Aftercare Tips for Monroe Piercing

Oral or facial piercing is unique as body and oral aftercare is required. Here are some tips you should remember when you get a Monroe Piercing.

  • The optimal oral aftercare for Monroe piercing is to rinse your mouth at least for 1 minute with a medical-grade mouth wash after your meal.
  • If medical-grade mouthwash is not accessible then you can try diluted oral antiseptic for your oral rinse.
  • It is advisable not to use the regular oral rinse or mouthwash as it might cover your halitosis.
  • Remember not to over-clean your piercing as it will delay the healing process.
  • In addition to your oral rinse you can even try sea salt rinse after every meal. This will enhance your healing process.
  • For reducing the swelling ice and other chilled liquids would be helpful. Ice creams, frozen yogurts and ice pops are beneficial in reducing the swelling.
  • For highly sensitive people over-the-counter analgesics or anti-inflammatory drugs can be helpful in reducing the pain and swelling.
  • You should at least brush your teeth three times a day as brushing will reduce the amount of food particles and bacteria in your mouth.
  • Even primary facial care is necessary for oral or facial piercing.
  • Clean your face twice in a day with an anti-bacterial soap and luke warm water. Facial steaming and hot water will help in loosing the crust below your jewelry and in softening your skin.
  • Use disposable products like tissue paper, swab or cotton-ball to gently remove the crust from your jewelry.
  • Before touching your jewelry or even during shower it is advisable to wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap.
  • You can even try using sea salt soaks before or after your shower.
  • Eat slowly and place little portion of food in your mouth.
  • During the healing period refrain yourself from eating chewing gums, tobacco products or any other sticky things.
  • Check that your jewelry accessories are tightened at least once in a day.
  • Avoid using petroleum-based products during the healing period.

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