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Eyebrow Piercing Care Tips

Eyebrow Piercing
Eyebrow PiercingEyebrow Piercing

The popularity of body piercings of all kinds is at an all-time high. Often, an infection forms in the area of the body part that has been pierced. Eyebrow piercings are increasingly popular and are often one of the first body parts (other than the ears) that a person chooses to have pierced. It is not difficult to take care of new piercings; it just requires a bit of know-how and a little work.

There are several guidelines for eyebrow piercings that, if followed, will prevent infections and allow your piercing (s) to heal correctly.

Always wash your hands with soap (antibacterial is best) before touching the eyebrow ring or piercing. This is extremely important and likely the most important step in preventing infection.

Clean the piercing daily and after anything you do that could cause dirt or irritants to get into the piercing. This includes dusting your home and especially smoking. Ideally, you should clean the piercing about 3 times a day.

Wash your piercing and ring with antibacterial soap on a cotton swab, making sure to remove any crustiness. Rinse well, and lightly pat dry with a clean paper towel. If you use a bath towel, you risk the spread of germs, snagging the ring, or getting lint into the piercing.

You may also use a salt water mix to clean out the piercing, making sure not to get any in your eyes. Mix the salt water into a squirt bottle (not a spray bottle). Put a towel under the piercing, and cover your eye to soak up the water as it runs off. Using the bottle, squirt salt water around the piercing from every direction. You should do this for several minutes, so you will either need a large bottle or several small ones. Rinse the piercing off with clear, clean water, and pat dry with a paper towel.

Do not use anything with alcohol, hydrogen peroxide or betadine on your piercing.

Take vitamin C (with doctor’s approval) to help fight off infection and to promote healing.

Do not wear makeup on or near the piercing. Makeup carries bacteria and could help cause an infection.

You should not swim until the piercing is completed healed. Tons of bacteria can be found in water and could cause infection.

If you have a barbell, you can use a soft-bristled new toothbrush with hot water to brush off any crusting.

Do not play with and/or twist your ring or barbell. You will only irritate the piercing, causing it to take longer to heal.

Leave the ring or barbell in place for at least 6 months so that the piercing does not close up.

Do not let anyone else touch the ring or barbell for any reason. You have enough germs and bacteria; you don’t need anyone else adding to it.

Do not sleep with your face down. You could snag the ring, and your pillow is filled with bacteria.

Continued redness or swelling means an infection is setting in. Return to your piercer immediately, or see a doctor.

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