Saturday, December 18, 2010

Septum Piercing Definition

Septum PiercingSeptum Piercing
The septum piercing is usually done on the tissue present under the cartilage at the center of the nose. Nose consists of a flexible tissue that helps in keeping the jewelry in place. The pain caused due to the procedure may vary from person to person and it may cause very little pain most of the time. There might be a flow of fresh blood from the site at least for an hour right after the procedure. It may take around 6 to 8 weeks for the piercing to heal completely.

Why deviated septum surgery? And a better question who’s had the surgery. Before these questions can be answered effectively, a brief introduction into what a deviated septum is needs to be examined. The nasal septum is the area of the nose that separates the nasal passages. The septum is made up of both bone and cartilage.

A deviated septum is when that bone and cartilage of the nose is no longer straight. There are a few ways that a septum may deviate, one way is at birth. This type of deviation is called congenital. Another way one can get a deviated septum is by breaking your nose in an accident or other means.

Hollywood is full of actors and actresses that have gone under the knife to fix a deviated septum. There are many that have done it for the sake of looks and there are those that have needed them because of health reasons. What ever the reason the jury Is out on whether or not it has helped or hurt their career.

Some of the most notable actresses that have gone under the knife to get their noses worked on are most recently Jennifer Anniston , and Cameron Diaz. Again whether it was necessary or whether it affected their looks the jury is still out. Either way so far it doesn’t appear that their careers have suffered as a result.

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