Friday, March 26, 2010

Female Body Piercing

Nipple piercing is increasingly popular form of female body piercing. Type of piercing is not only aesthetically unpleasant, but regarded as physically exciting as Female Body Piercingwell, as it is known to increase the sensitivity of the nipple, thereby increasing the sensation of sensual and enjoyable experience when stimulated area.

Another factor that makes her nipples pierced to be considered is the feeling of empowerment many women get after nipple pierced. Nipple piercings are also one of several types of female body piercing who is very easily hidden, making them a much more private, personal and exciting.

Piercing done through the bottom part of the nipple erect. Care should be taken to ensure not stab through the areola, as this can cause breast tissue infection known as mastitis. Piercing done with a needle, clamps often used too, but it's really a choice. Can Female Body Piercingpenetrate every corner of the nipple and the nipple can also accommodate a few piercings.

Jewelry used to pierce the nipple usually barbell or ring, but the use of jewelry is most likely. Each ring is used must have a diameter large enough to allow the swelling early, if not irritation and other complications may occur. Jewelry like nipple shields can be an excellent way to display the breasts, while still easily hidden under clothing or clothing.

A concern for many women with this type of female body piercing are potential problems with breastfeeding. So it should be noted that for all the jewelry is removed from the area before eating, feeding with nipple piercings completely secure.

Female Body PiercingThe nipple can be repaired and stored in an upright position with the help of a nipple piercing.

Like the female body piercing, always make sure your piercer is an experienced professional, and make sure any questions and concerns you may have been discussed before the stabbing. By Alyssa P

Monday, March 22, 2010

Body Piercing Pictures

Cheek Body Piercing Pictures lips and Information

Body piercing pictures has become part of our mainstream culture, so it is not surprising that many people who consider the body piercing pictures. Facial special piercings and lip piercings in the cheek is enjoying rising popularity wave. There are several types of lip and cheek piercings, including Medusa, Monroe, who Lip Frenulum, lip plates, and Labret. Before you start decorating at every location though, it would behoove you to read and learn more about the risks associated with every body piercing pictures.

Body Piercing PicturesMedusa piercing is still relatively rare, but many body piercing pictures have noticed that more and more people who ask this piercing. Located directly under the nose septum, in the middle above the upper end, a Medusa piercing is indeed eye catching. Very similar to labret piercing, located on the curve ball on the lip. There will be swelling after the piercing, and for some minimal pain, while for others the pain is very tight. There are many nerve endings located around the lips, and while most skilled professional piercers will not hit the nerve, there is always a slight risk that should be considered before doing the body piercing pictures.

Monroe also went by two other names: The Madonna and The Crawford. Named after the three famous female icons with a mole near their mouths (Marilyn Monroe had a mole on the left side, Madonna has a right, and Cindy Crawford has a mole that is very close to the upper lip) piercing the location you choose will determine the name obvious stab you (left cheek = Monroe; cheek right = Madonna). These piercings heal rather quickly, but for a few days to a week after the piercing may have significant swelling. After 8-12 weeks, you can change the jewelry (which would be too big ... initial jewelry to accommodate the swelling, so the swelling down, the jewelry would be too large) with something a little more comfortable. This body piercing pictures is very popular, and looks very nice if truly followed the proper aftercare.

Body Piercing PicturesLip Frenulum other rare piercing, and not everyone has the right anatomy to have this procedure done. An upper lip frenulum piercing is often called "smiley" because when the wearer smiles, beads of prisoners can be seen; a lower lip frenulum piercing is called a "frowny" for the same reason. This body piercing pictures is a simple procedure for a professional piercer, but it is important to note that damage teeth and gums must be happening all the time with these piercings.

Lip plates are very rare in America, but common in parts of Africa and the Amazon. This seems to have a loyal following in many circles the body modification, and the practice is very ancient - but not for all people. Lip plates of the lower lip through and from time to time stretch (referred to as "measure") hole to accommodate the lip plugs. Socket lip halo disc usually made of wood or clay. Once you've committed to the lip plate, your lips will be stretched to the point where only surgery can remove the gaping hole in your lips. This is not to stab arrogant about - only do this if you've done all the research you can do, and willing to stay with it for the long term. While most body piercing pictures heal without any visible effect, this particular cut will not. For all intents and purposes, this is a permanent piercing.

The labret is the most common type of lip piercing. Many people have several piercings labret! This can accommodate a ring or buttons, and takes about 6-8 weeks to heal. Most people after a given time of healing to get that special jewelry labret support, to help prevent tooth and gum disorders. There are many types of "bite" - an informal term to describe a variety of piercing placement (ex: snake bites = two labret piercings on opposite sides of the lower lip); there is great potential for uniqueness and individuality. Horizontal lip body piercing pictures are very rare, and most will not do piercers piercing type.

As with other oral piercings, infection can occur with body piercing pictures in her lip and cheek. Body Piercing PicturesThere are many bacteria that are located in and around the mouth, so be careful cleaning will help prevent infection. As usual, only can be penetrated in a professional setting and with the tools fully sterilized to minimize your chances of serious health consequences. Eating spicy foods, alcohol, and smoking should not occur during the first 6-8 weeks of your new piercing - all this will inhibit your body's healing efforts. Your piercer will give you a complete overview of what to expect during recovery, how to overcome the problems that may arise, and the best aftercare practice. Assuming you have a decent amount of common sense, you just cut my lip and cheek will heal in no time! By James J. Jones