Sunday, December 26, 2010

Monroe Piercing Jewelry

Monroe Piercing Jewelry
Monroe Piercing JewelryMonroe Piercing Jewelry

Generally, the labret stud used for chin piercing is also used for Monroe Piercing. Labrets are generally similar to barbells but the only difference is that one end of the labret is flat and other end is finished off with a small ball. For its extraordinary appeal and extraordinary appeal most of the people choose labret stud. You can even choose a black rounded stud as it will look like a beauty spot. Otherwise you can even choose a labret with a sparkling gem and it will give a look like a star on your face.

Healing Period for Monroe Piercing

It takes about 6-8 weeks for Monroe piercing to heal. The best part of Monroe piercing is that it heals faster as compared to other piercing. Mouth contains lot of bacteria killing enzymes so it reduces the chances of infection. This doesn’t mean that chances of getting infection are nullified. If the piercing is done in a wrong place then it can cause damage to you gums and teeth.

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