Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Famous Types of Ear Piercings for Mens

The following are a few common and famous types of ear piercings for men.

Ear Lobe PiercingEar Lobe Piercing: Men going for a piercing for the very first time should opt for an ear lobe piercing as this is the best option. You can sport a stud or a barbell on the ear lobe piercing to make it look more attractive.

Helix PiercingHelix Piercing: Make sure that the piercer uses a gun to pierce your ear and this is done on the helix which is considered as the upper cartilage. Cuffs or hoop accessories can be sported along with this piercing.

Industrial PiercingIndustrial Piercing: This is the most common type of ear piercing sported by most of them and it requires lots of care and attention. It may take around a year for the piercing to heal completely. Barbells and claws are the common types of jewelry sported for this piercing.

Rook PiercingRook Piercing: This is done by piercing the cartilage present between the inner and outer conch. Cartilage is usually very thick and is difficult to pierce and may cause severe pain during and after the procedure. It may take around a year for the piercing to heal. The most common types of jewelry sported for this piercing are captive bead rings.

Daith PiercingDaith Piercing: This piercing is a little complicated and may cause severe pain during the procedure. It is usually done on the inner rim of ear cartilage. Captive beads are usually sported on this piercing.

Tragus PiercingTragus Piercing: This piercing is usually sported on the cartilage flap present on the ear and it gives you an awesome look. Spirals and captive beads are usually preferred by many men.
Anti-Tragus Piercing: This is sported on the inner cartilage present in the ear. Anti-tragus ear piercing usually take a very less time to heal. Rings and ball closure looks cool on this piercing.
Conch Piercing: This piercing is done in two different types and they are – inner and outer conch. These piercings also take very less time to heal and barbells and ball closure rings are usually sported for this piercing.

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