Saturday, December 18, 2010

Nose Piercing Facial Beauty

Nose Piercing
Nose PiercingNose Piercing

It’s finally your turn to sit in front of the piercing artist. The fifteen minutes you were seated in the reception area seemed like a long wait. You’ve nervously flicked through the magazines in the salon. But, you didn’t really read anything. Your mind was all blank. Yes! The time has come. And, although you’ve been planning to get a nose piercing for a very long time, you can’t help but feel scared and excited at the same time.

As you walked to the chair, awareness took over and you looked around the room, made sure that the artist has an Association of Professional Piercers certificate and observed the way she sanitized her hands before she approached you and asked you to sit on the chair. You even watched her tear the sealed package containing the sterilized needle. Things were going very well and you laid back to brace yourself for the pain that will follow. And, after a while, the nose piercing was done. With a satisfied smile on your face, you examined the new stud on your nose. It looked quite nice, a very tiny sparkle on your upturned nose.

Now What?

Getting a nose piercing isn’t just about fun. It involves getting a set of new responsibilities that you need to take seriously. If your new nose piercing doesn’t heal properly, it may get infected. And, you need to watch out for signs of infection. If you notice any redness, discharge, foul odors or a rash around the location where you got your nose piercing, do head to the doctor immediately. You may have an infection. And, you shouldn’t try to treat it on your own.

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