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Dermal Piercing

Dermal Piercing - The new wave!

Dermal AnchorsDermal Anchor - the new piercing trend
Dermal anchor or dermal piercing is similar to single-point pocketing. It's where you put the base of the jewelry (dermal anchor base) under the skin and where only the top part appears.

The piercing procedure is simpler than the one for transdermal. While the healing time, if taken the proper precautions, is great. You'll never notice you have it all along. Plus since our dermal anchors are made of Surgical steel (top part) and Titanium G23 (base part), they are hypoallergenic and very safe to use.

Our collection of dermal anchors contains anchors with different logo on them, with balls and cones. With colorful cubic zirconia stones and some are plain and simple but totally funky once used. They also comes in different sizes. You can check them out here and see what you have been missing.

Bioplast studds

Bioplast/Bioflex can be combined with other piercing charms, such as silver, surgical steel, UV Acrylic, titanium and whole lot more. It also comes in different colors that make the jewelry more attractive and an option to customize it with the other jewelries. IF you are using push end jewelry charms and the bioplast/bioflex barbell is long, you can trim it off to your desired length.

So if you are health conscious and still w
ant to get pierced or wear a piercing jewelry, my best advice is to buy a jewelry that has this material. You will not just have attractive body jewelry but will also keep you harms away from infections and other aversion that piercing will do to your body.

See below for some sample of a body jewelry that is made of bioplast/bioflex material.


Pewter is a metal alloy with 85-99% tin while the remaining percent is copper. While the copper act as a hardening. Pewter is bright and shiny metal that is almost the same as silver. Like silver, pewter will also oxidize to a dull gray over time if left untreated. Pewter is a very malleable alloy, being soft enough to carve with hand tools, and it also takes good impressions from punches or presses. Because of this inherent softness and malleability, however, pewter cannot be used to make tools itself. Some types of pewter pieces, such as candlesticks, would be turned on a metal lathe.

Pewter can be designed in different style like armour rings, cool rings and pendants. Some people, find pewter jewelries very funky and cool to wear. Especially men. It somehow projects masculinity. Well, it depends on the design and the style.

Below are the samples of pewter jewelry:

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Can You Count The Barbells?

Here, is an example of intense facial piercing. But I think there might be some more in line to break the record of this chap.

You can see him with seven barbells around his lips in star shape and stone stud; threaded flesh plugs in nose and ears; two circular barbells in ear lobes and a plate in lower lip.

Ha! Tried list was long. I like his barbells around his lips seems to make boundary line to his lips.

Ma Looks Sexier With New Lip Piercing

Ma Marie Harrison the hip- hop babe got a new piercing on her lip. The lip ring looks stunning and Ma appears to be sexier.

Ma was with Little John and Rick Ross at Miami Heat & Lakers basketball game on Monday, where she was spotted in her new lip piercing. Earlier she had pierced her nostril and now its her lip with a ring.

Lucky Diamond Rich Is Back Again

I was happy to see Lucky Diamond Rich again, he is the world’s most tattooed person. You will see him tattooed anywhere (inside mouth also) and everywhere. Its not one ink which covers him but multiple layers of ink on his skin.

Now, he is again with astounding 14mm chest piercing 13th Janaury, 2007 by Lukas Zpira

Sometime back Rich was in light when Lukas worked on his head and you can read whole documentary in an article called ‘Lukas Zpira vs. Lucky Diamond Rich’ by BMEzine. Lukas- a body artist and modifier took out three strips out from his head, which you can see in the picture. Click on the picture to read the whole process.

Intense Facial Piercing

Facial Piercing was once a custom in some countries and now it is a fashion statement.

The Bible mentions that body piercing was popular amongst nomadic tribes approximately 2000 years ago. Whereas, at some places like Egypt only people from the royal family could get body piercing done.

However, we can see body piercing on any part of the body these days. Here, is an example of intense facial piercing by loads of steel barbells with transdermals, and subdermals.

I am left with no words to appreciate this facial piercing by Patrick from Denmark.

Few Do's and Don't for Oral Piercing

Body piercing is a rife since ancient times whether as traditional or fashionable norms. There have been many reports on the dark sides of body piercing. As we know that, there are always two sides of a coin and it’s same in case of oral piercing. Whenever, you go in for oral piercing remember to rinse your mouth 4-5 times a day with non-alcoholic mouthwash. It is recommended to use alcohol-free mouthwash, as alcohol is too harsh on the piercing and will most likely to dry out piercing. You can use a diluted saline solution, such as Biotene, or TECH 2000 or a diluted Listerine solution or any non-alcoholic mouthwash that has sea salt in it.

Some don’t for 4-6 weeks after piercing are: Kissing, Oral Sex, Hot food and Spicy food.

And, some do’s for 4-6 weeks after piercing are: Cold Foods like Ice Creams, Slushies, etc. are recommended as they help in reducing pain and use of anti-inflammatories as it helps in reducing swelling.

Gum piercing can damage or crack your teeth. In order to avoid that please get it done by a professional rather than trying it at your home.

Here you can see Mike, Star Tats, Texas with labret, lip and gum pierced. They look amazing. However, I did not like the teeth jewelry.

My Ear Is a Nest

Body piercing is an in thing. However, sometimes I come across something, which makes me feel that are these people insane!

This man has put his chick named, “Sophia Suzie Cuatro” in his ear. You can very well see his love for his chick but do you think that his chick is taking the feel of a nest or it is feeling trapped in his earlobe.

There is a small plug in his lip also.

If the chick is out then the piercing is bearable to me and what you say!

Ulimate In Women's Piercing

Females are considered most talkative and it’s every man’s desire to shut their mouth whenever they want. Moreover, when there is a procedure available to shut their mouth desirably than who would say no! Zip piercing can be an answer for your search for such procedure. The cost on east coast now exceeds $10,000.

I being a girl myself cannot speak badly about females but I have seen some females around who ask so many questions that poor man is speechless to her never-ending questionnaire. Now all men are urging their wives and beloveds to get this chic piercing done.

Ugly Forehead Piercing

No doubt piercing looks beautiful but it is not necessary that it has to look good on any part of the body.

The example can be seen on the forehead of this female. The two pierce on forehead are not appealing. May be jewelry is making it look more like Satan than the pierces. She has pierced her nose, upper and lower lips and multiple pierces on ears.

After, piercing the jewelry plays an important role in adorning your piercing so make sure to wear something beautiful and not Satanic.

Glow Your Nose Ring with Every Breath

Firefly will glow your nose pierce with LED nose ring. It’s not a magic but technology. Your nose ring will glow as you breathe.

No battery is used to illuminate instead its your breath which will light up a LED light on the tip of your nose ring.

Now do not use your mind so much to know how does this happen. Actually, a fragile fan structure is used to create air movement by exhaling. The air is transformed into electric energy, thus lighting up a LEDlight.

Pierced Animal: Bull

In the rat race of body piercing even our pets are not left behind. The reason behind animal piercing is painful.

We have seen many bulls around with pierced nose. However, they do not have that as a result of fashion statement, rather they have to suffer this piercing because of their master The reason behind the piercing is the self protection of man. Like, bulls are powerful and dangerous animals, which if uncontrolled, can kill or severely injure their handlers. However, the nasal area of a bull is sensitive, so the nose ring enables the handler to control this powerful and belligerent animal with minimal risk of injury or disruption by exerting stress on one of the most sensitive parts of the animal.

Poor bulls cannot even speak to anyone about their pain.

Shallow Hand Piercing

Instead of wearing rings, you can change towards hand piercing. This will be a good and painful change, which will be liked to have hassle free jewelry wearing.

You can pierce any part on hand according to your wish. Most preferred and safe area on hand to pierce is in between thumb and hand. Other choice for piercing are the knuckles as you can see these studs on the middle finger. Its not that you are restricted to pierce only at these point rather you can pierce any portion of your hand.

Knuckle surface piercing

Metal Man

Artist: Jeremy Youngman- Downers Grove Tatoos and Body Piercings Downers Grover, Illinois.

Here you can see an old man with facial piercing appearing. You can see barbells on his face and surface piercing on eyebrows like twinkling stars in clear sky.

People following Jon Cobb in Uvula piercing

Jon Cobb is a groundbreaking body piercer who is unswervingly credited with the creation of the uvula piercing (in 1994), the transscrotal, pocketing, and others. He also went farther than anyone in popularizing the nape piercing and other surface piercings.

When he described his uvula piercing as:

It’s never been just about doing a ‘technical piercing’. I was driven to have the uvula piercing because it reflected the mind. When you put a pair of forceps on a uvula, it feels like you’ve grabbed the center of the mass of the inside of your head - if you cough up a piece of rice and it sits in the back of your sinus passage, you understand that spot. Psychologically it feels like you’re getting the center of your head pierced. That is so live, so real, and the risk inherant only added to the psychological imperative, and I was just driven to have it. Again, not a rational action, but that’s not the point. The technical aspects were just a neccesity.”

Once it was only a few people who got uvula piercing. Now maximum people following Jon Cobb do this piercing.

Appearing a dangerous task but not at all dangerous. When you get your uvula pierced it is vital that the piercing be placed as high up as possible on the uvula since migration can be a serious problem. In addition, a lower placement can be difficult to “show off” in some individuals and the main purpose of this piercing is aesthetic only.

I caught my tongue in the chin!

Cool! Look carefully the tongue is shown out to you from his lower lip. This person seems to be a big admirer of body piercing, surface piecing and stretching. He is wearing hell lot of barbells and plugs.

Rhino Piercing

Nasal tip piercing or can historically be seen in Northern Africa, Southern Asia, South America, etc. This piercing is also called ‘rhino piercing.’ Rhino or vertical nose piercing, travels through inside front of the nasal and then travels the center and out from the tip.

Above shown from left to right are rhino piercing done are done by Daryl Nicholson (at New Tribe in Toronto), Netira (she works at Iron Cross Tattoos in San Antonio, Texas) and Zham (at Peke House).

Pip Freak & Papa Freak Breaks World Record for Body Piercing

Pip Freak a.k.a. Phillip Roomet and Papa Freak a.k.a. Bryan O’Keef sat down on, March 2, to break the record of 1,047 piercings as recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records, at ‘The Preston and Steve Show“. The created a World record by inserting 1,515 needles in just less than four hours.

Papa Freak inserted around 500 surgical needles into each arm of Pip Freak. After getting a few rows of surgical needles in the back Pip Freak began to get pierced in his chest. Piercing in the chest was painful to Pip Freak. To terminate the record Papa Freak pierced a couple rows into the front of Pip Freak’s leg. Pip Freak used heating pad throughout whole process to shun pain.

Pierced Eyeglasses

Talking about eyeglasses is something normal but if you relate these eyeglasses with piercing then it becomes a matter to be talked about. James Sooy last year developed a pair of eyeglasses with the help of his friend Oliver. The peculiar thing about these eyeglasses is that they are pierced into the bridge of your nose.

Until date, this idea is not for sale but James dream to bring out marketable version of it. If these eyeglasses are for sale, they might cost you around or above $100 according to me.

How about Eyelid Piercing?

I thought eyelids could be a place where no one would poke a hole but sorry to say, even that delicate part is not left untouched by trendsetters.

The process is not much complicated. It requires good and cautious piercer, but for the wearer it is painful with a feeling of uncomfort and loss on a night sleep. This is not the end, when you wake up in the morning, your eye will be red with swelling, pus and may be some blood clots too. But don’t dishearten yourself, after the healing-period has surpassed, you’ll feel better.

Remember, aftercare is very important as a little bit of carelessness can damage your eye. There are many creams and lotions available in the market for better healing. Then comes the choice of jewelry - you cannot wear any playful jewelry, so wear simple and smooth eyelid jewelry to save your eye from scratching.

Within few weeks, you will become quite used to the jewelry and your piercing will heal-up by that time.

Multiple facial Piercings

Body piercing has been around since the beginning of time, but it has gained popularity in the recent years. Today, it’s an influential trend, which is seen on most people. For some it might be a form of expression and for others a part of tradition. What reason do you think this guy has for his multiple facial piercings?

G.C. submitted these pictures on and I brought it here for you as a treat and helpful idea for your next piercing. Okay! Come let’s count these piercings separately: three ear piercings i.e. orbital, anti-tragus and earlobe; two bridge piercings; two nostril piercings, a septum piercing and wears a plate in his labret piercing.

Recently it was reported that many young people are getting themselves pierced because of the reality TV shows, which are out these days regarding body piercing shops. It also said that youngsters look at piercing as a way to define themselves. Therefore, this body art has become a matter of thought for parents.

Side Piercing by Josh Burgh

has done these multiple surface piercings on the side-stomach. There are four surface bars pierced into the side. Take care when you pierce yourself, as there can be a risk of rejection.

Eyeball Piercing

After tattoos and body piercing there is one more kind of piercing or you can say implant... that is tiny pieces of jewelry called ‘JewelEye’ in the mucous membrane of the eyes. However, it can be highly risky but I found it to be very cute.

The JewelEye device is 3.5 mm in diameter and offered in the following shapes: ring, heart, star. ring. The devices are packaged in a box with 10 sterile devices and the guidelines for use.

The cost of this implant in eye is expensive and will cost you some hundreds or thousands.

Apart from my likeness towards this implant I would personally feel like to suggest you not to do that to your eye it can cause loss of eyesight.

Other Side of Body Piercing: Navel Piercing

Body piercing is popular, especially among teens. However, body piercing and tattoos were once considered taboo but now they are more accepted. Vendetta, a 21-year-old senior in LAS, recently decided to pierce his lower lip, following a trend common among college students. (...)

Today, people get their any part pierced whether it is their ear, nose, tongue, eyebrows, lips, genitals, belly buttons or even other places. People are ready to poke holes in any part of their body. According to a dermatology study, three out of four Americans who are pierced are women, twice as many Democrats are pierced than Republicans, and about one out of three young adults sport tattoos. Besides the ear lobe, with women outnumbering men by 49-19 per cent, piercing is done on the nose, eyebrow, navel and the tongue. If you walk on a mall, you will see many piercing jewelries, which are not tacky or ugly, but are very regular pieces. So, what makes body piercing so bad, then?
Every different piercing has its own other face and I am here talking about the other side of ‘Navel Piercing.‘ Though navel is among the commonly pierced organ among teens, it is also one which takes as long as nine months to heal and often keloids (scar tissue) form. Infection is very common and most of the times students just take out the navel ring and let it heal.

On Feb, 16, Janaee Smith, a sophomore at Southside High, Greenville of South Carolina, got her navel pierced. Unfortunately, she died and her friend suspects her pierced navel to be the cause of her death, as she did it at home.

Amanda Crocker, a licensed professional for four years said following about piercing done at home:

It’s not uncommon to have a teenager come in that has had her naval pierced at home. A friend does it at a party maybe and it never turns out well... There are not just infections, but disease transmission is a big issue today. You have to be very careful’

She added that it’s never safe to get a piercing from someone unlicensed or at home as their instruments are not that sanitized. Three steps to achieve germ free instruments:

1. Instruments are sprayed and left for ten minutes

2. Set under UV light

3. Put through a steam process to kill any left over germs.

Thus, a proper sterilized instrument is available at licensed piercing parlor or shop. If you say that, you can arrange all these activities to sterilize your instrument then also I will say that you are not perfect to pierce your navel because you do not know the exact point where to pierce. In addition, if you pierce on some wrong point of your navel then you will end up with swelling or other problem.

Aftercare for your New Navel Piercing:
� Do not go out in sunlight or allow water to get into your a fresh piercing as it slows down healing or cause infection.

� Wear a one piece bathing suit if you are going to be out on a beach or cover your navel with bandage

� Keep your navel jewelry clean from dirt and debris (like lotions and sunscreen)

� Use best cleaning solution and method to clean your navel jewelry.

Hope you’ll keep in mind all above mentioned points while you go in for navel piercing.

Have a Happy Navel Piercing!

Daith Piercing

An ear has numerous areas to pierce and ‘Daith’ is one among them. In 1992 Erik Dakota one Jewish lady who pioneered this piercing. There are many risks involved in this type of piercing like: Bell’s Palsy, Ear Collapse, Loss of Hearing and Rejection.

Shown above is a daith piercing with 16ga 9/16″ and 5/16″ rings. The piercing is a work by Benjamin at Spirit Garden Tattoo and Body Piercing in Northfield, MN.

Ear Jewellery Steel Ear Plug and the Metal to be Used

Ear jewellery is definitely a fashion statement as you see more and more youngsters trying different forms of body jewellery just to look chic and trendy. Steel ear plugs are one such ear jewellery used to look good and is considered the no risk metal which is safely used for body jewellery. You should try and avoid those metals which can cause redness or inflammation. Basically, steel such as surgical steel, surgical implant titanium is often used as it’s the safest for ear jewellery. Avoid fake gold, it might not suit all skin type.

There are problem arising from ear piercing, beware of such problems. It can be an allergic reaction to metal such as nickel which is used to make ear rings. It’s better if ear rings are nickel free and is hypo allergenic. Is this your first piercing? Then, you better opt for stainless, surgical steel or 14 karat gold. However, it has been noticed that 14 karat gold also makes use of nickel at times and it would be better to use stainless steel. Make use of preventive and maintenance procedures need to be observed in order to avoid and treat pierced ear problems either on the lobe or on the cartilage. Keep it clean, by rubbing alcohol, or any other anti bacterial ointment. Anti-biotic is the next best option.

For those who don’t want to pierce their ears, have an option of stick on and clip on ear rings. Such ear rings are other wise known as no pierce ear rings. Clip ons are the earliest form of no pierce ear rings. Adhesive based materials used in stick on ear rings will hold your ear jewellery with out any ear piercings. You can wear your favourite studs with out any piercing. For those who have a tendency to develop allergic skin reactions to adhesives, should avoid it. Another type is the ear cuff. It attaches to the ear by pinching the ear or the helix. Although it is also widely used, it causes the ear to redden from the pinching. Magnetic earrings also simulate stud earrings. With the use of a magnetic back, it attaches to the ear due to magnetic force.

- Magnetic earrings look as if the person is wearing a stud.

- Stick on earrings have adhesive backs which stick to the ear lobe.

- Clip-on earrings that can also be worn as a naval ring.

- Spring hoops stick to the ear by means of a spring force.

- Ear cuffs are curved metal bands that press against the ear.

Earrings -a Fashion Statement of the Ages

Robert asked:

An earring is jewelry worn on the earlobe, usually clipped to the earlobe or fastened through a hole made in the earlobe. This is the piece of jewelry that is first noticed when looking at a person. This piece of jewelry decorates the ear and adds to the femininity of a woman. They are worn by both genders but to a lesser extent by man. They give the finishing touch to beauty and make a fashion statement.

History of earrings dates back to 2500 BC. In those days, earrings were worn only by the nobility. In the middle ages, this type of jewelry had taken a backseat as more importance was given to very elaborate hairstyles and neck pieces. They did make a comeback, and the metals used in the making of earrings were so heavy that the weight of the earrings caused elongated earlobes.

All precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, and silver are used in the making of this adornment. Materials such as plastic, glass, and beads were used too. Precious gemstones like ruby, sapphire, topaz, diamond, and emerald were mounted on to the precious metal, giving the earring a more colorful, dazzling, and exotic look.

These adornments are made in all shapes and sizes to suit all types of faces. There are dangling ones, hoops, studs, buttons, droplets, chandelier earrings and many others. There are earrings to go with evening wear, for business meetings, office and more elaborate ones for weddings and other functions etc.

It would be interesting to note that in the days of Christ, it was said that wearing an earring was a demonic act. In India, in the earlier days, the Yogis practiced splitting their ears and placing large heavy earrings made of horn or glass at the time of their initiation into the sect. All that sounds crude with the advancement of technology and ear piercing is no longer such a tortuous procedure and is almost nothing more than pinprick now.

People from most cultures believe in wearing earrings at a very early age. In many cultures, ears are pierced as soon as the baby is born. This jewelry have never been the prerogative of women alone, as men wore them in years of yore and now wear them as a fashion statement. They have become a unisex piece of jewelry. Today the trend of wearing multiple earrings at the same time is prevalent.

The popularity of earrings has stood the test of time. They can enhance ones mood just my making a person feel confident and great.

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