Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Body Art of Janet Jackson

The Body Art of Janet Jackson

janet and justin at the super bowlUnless Janet Jackson expands her tattoo collection to the extensiveness of Denis Rodman, or gets a facial tattoo like Mike Tyson, her body art will always be remembered for the infamous “nipple seen round the world.” However there is more to her body art collection than that one piercing.

As far as body piercings go, Janet has both her ears pierced, one nipple pierced, her septum, her navel, her tongue and a genital piercing. She no longer wears jewelry in either her septum or tongue piercings. What sort of genital piercing she wears she has not specified, but many internet bulletin boards and fan sites claim that it is a clitoral piercing.

janet’s nippleWhen it came to the infamous “wardrobe malfunction” what the world got to see on national US television was a pierced nipple with a barbell and a piece of jewelry called a nipple shield, which slips on and is held by the pierced bar. Fans of her music got their first look at her pierced nipple with the release of her 1997 album “Velvet Rope” which featured close-ups of her nipple piercing as part of the album artwork.

borneo scorpionJackson also has several tattoos.

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