Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Types of Ear Piercings

Types of Ear PiercingsFollowing are some types of ear piercings:
  1. Anti-Tragus Piercing: This is a raised cartilage fold which sits on outer side of ear, just above the ear lobe and opposite to tragus. Most people cannot try anti tragus piercing because of its size. It is very small, but one can use micro jewelry particularly ball closure rings. It takes 8 – 16 weeks to heal.
  2. Helix Piercing: This is second most common ear piercing type. This is located on upper cartilage. This piercing can be down either with a cuff style, a hoop or a stud. Healing time for this piercing type is 6 – 8 months.
  3. Auricle Piercing: Auricle piercing is the cartilage rim which rubs along the edge/side of outer part of ear. This is the most common ear piercing type. Ball closure rings suit this best. Healing time for auricle piercing is 2 – 3 weeks.
  4. Conch Piercing: Conch is the largest cartilage which comprises of the back side of ear. Ball closure rings with larger diameter suit this type of piercing. You may go in outer conch piercings and inner conch piercings. It takes 8 – 16 weeks to heal completely.
  5. Daith Piercing: Daith is the crux of helix. This is the cartilage fold which sits under the rook and very close to ear canal. You must choose micro ball closure rings for this type of piercing. Daith piercing needs 8 – 16 weeks to heal.
  6. Industrial Piercing: This is the most craziest type of ear piercing. Industrial piercings is 2 or more separate rim piercings which are joined by a barbell. It is utmost important to take care of industrial piercing. It takes 8 – 16 weeks to heal this piercings.
  7. Orbital Piercings: Orbital piercings is a type of piercing which enters and exits the same ear part. Actually it is made up of 2 piercing holes, with 1 ball closure ring passing through both the piercings. This can be placed anywhere in the ear, but often they are located in ear lobe or helix. Healing time for orbital piercing is 8 – 16 weeks.
  8. Lobe Piercing: this is another most common type of ear piercing. Every girl might have done this in their childhood. This can be the best type of ear piercing for men too. Ear lobe is is the fleshy tissue which hangs at the bottom of your ear. Blood circulation is more in this part. While going for lobe piercing, ensure that piercing is at the centre of the lobe. Any sort of accessories suit this type of piercing. Healing time for this piercing is 6 – 10 weeks.
  9. Pinna Piercing: Pinna piercing is located on the rim of the cartilage along the upper part of the ear. One of the most popular pinna piercing type is the forward pinna piercing. It takes 8 – 16 weeks to heal pinna piercing.
  10. Rook Piercing: Rook is the upper most fold of the cartilage, below the helix. Rook piercing needs micro jewelry as the fold is very small. It needs 8 – 16 weeks to heal completely.
  11. Scaffold Piercing: In this type of piercing, two or more separate rims are joined by one barbell. Healing time for scaffold piercing is 8 – 16 weeks.
  12. Snug Piercing: This is situated at the inner cartilage, half way f\down from the external rim of the ear and above the anti tragus. Micro jewelry particularly curved barbells are preferred for this snug piercing. It takes about 8 – 16 weeks to heal.
  13. Tragus Piercing: Tragus is the toughest fold of cartilage which sticks out away from the ear. You can choose vertical tragus piercing also. It takes 8 – 16 weeks for healing tragus piercing.
  14. Transverse Lobe Piercing: This type of piercing includes transverse piercing on the ear lobe together with a curved barbell. 6 – 10 weeks are required for healing transverse lobe piercing.
  15. Dermal Punch: Usually it is done at the back of the ear. Actually, it punches out a ear piece from piercing. They are located at the flat area of the ear. This piercing is more popular with men compared with women. It takes 6 – 10 weeks to heal completely.
  16. Ear weaving: This is the most sexiest type of ear piercing. It involves the usage f helical accessories along the pinna. Ear weaving needs 8 – 16 weeks to heal.

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