Saturday, January 1, 2011

The History of Henna Tattoos

Henna TattoosIn modern times like now, many women who decorate their bodies with tattoos. Henna temporary tattoos have become quite popular in recent times. However, henna has been around for a long time and has been used by Indian and African women to coloring and nourishing properties. In fact, early use of henna can be traced back thousands of years of ancient Egypt. Only during the decade or so temporary tattoos has emerged as the hottest accessory in the West. The absence of chemicals and colors as the main advantages of the henna tattoo.

Henna TattoosEgyptian roots of the Henna Tattoo

Henna plant traces its roots to Egypt, from where it was brought as a gift for Queen Mumtaz in India. The Mogul and encourage the use of henna as beauty products and decorative applications on the skin, especially during the wedding. Henna tattoo history dates back nearly 5,000 years, when the Egyptians used them in their hands, hair and nails. Even fingers and toes of Pharaohs were colored with henna before making a mummy. Henna is also believed to be a symbol of luck and implemented prior to beneficial in various countries, like India, Turkey, Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

Henna TattoosHenna tattoo and benefits

High shrubs grow in these hot and humid climates and is commonly found in Egypt, India, Africa and the countries of the Middle East. The leaves of Henna plant ground into powder, which later made into a paste the color of the skin in a rich mahogany color. Prominent advantage of using Henna is that the color is temporary and disappears quickly. So for people who hate the thought has a tattoo that require piercing the skin and are most often permanent, girlfriend offers exciting opportunities and easy. Henna tattoos are not just temporary tattoos, but can be applied quickly and in a variety of designs. Henna has become an inexpensive way to add beauty somebody. This allows people to add exotic designs on their bodies very little cost. Henna has been known to have medicinal qualities as well.

Henna TattoosIn Ayurvedic therapy, Henna is used as an anti-irritant and antiseptic for various skin allergies, heat rash and to cool the body during a hot summer. Due to its cooling properties, Henna is used in lotions and ointments for use on skin inflammation and even burns. Henna is also known as a deodorant.

Henna tattoos and a variety of designs

Various types of henna tattoo designs in vogue in countries like Morocco, India and the Middle East. While Africans are generally geometric design in nature, more Indian designs of flowers and decorations. Celtic design based on drawings and intricate designs of animals and give a mysterious look.

Henna TattoosEven the Chinese and Japanese designs have become popular for temporary tattoo application. This design can be traced to or copied easily with Henna Pens. This is as easy as drawing on paper.


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