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Mehndi Pattern Designs Henna Tattoo

Mehndi Pattern Designs Henna TattooLots of women to adorn their bodies pulled it using henna tattoos. Henna as mentioned in Islamic countries or known as Mehendi in India is the name in Latin as Lawsonia inermis. This is a plant grown and used extensively in the UAE, Africa and India generally for cosmetic purposes because it is considered very profitable. Henna is also used as a medicinal plant by the Unani and Ayurvedic doctors with very good results.

Mehndi Pattern Designs Henna TattooAs a Temporary Henna Tattoo Body

Mentions the use of henna can be found during the past as 1600 BC as it was found that there is a custom among the Egyptian Pharaoh to have his hair dyed with henna prior to mummification. In India and many Arab countries as the agency's girlfriend tattoo applied in the palm of the hand and forearm and leg at the wedding and other celebrations which benefits such as birthdays, celebrations completion of the seventh month of pregnancy, etc.

Patterns of Mehendi Designs

There are many ways to create mehendi patterns. Some apply it in creating a large round mass in the palm of the hands and feet. Also every finger covered upto the first corner including the nails with a girlfriend. This is especially seen with traditional Indian dancers dance like Kathak, Oddissi, Kathakali, etc.

Lily Flower Henna TattooDuring the marriage and other similar celebrations, the mehendi applied in intricate designs drawn with a very thin line with the help of a mehendi cone. The drawings are almost always in the form of symbols that sometimes he has statues representing the marriage and wedding ceremonies.
The design is usually applied to the inside of your palms. However, in a tattoo wedding expanded into the wind and keep the whole arm. Feet are also decorated in this way. There are beautiful designs drawn on the foot that extends to the bride's knee.

Peacock Henna TattooThe application of Mehendi Tattoos And Patterns

Mehendi prepared a certain way, ie by taking a cup and grind the henna leaves into a paste, add it with half lemon juice, a few drops of eucalyptus oil and a paste of about five cloves. Add to that two tablespoons of coffee. Mix thoroughly and put on butter paper mehendi cone. Make a very, very small incision in the tip of the cone and use it as you would use a pencil to draw on the hands and feet.

Once applied you will need to keep the pattern designed wet long as you can. Use a mixture of sugar and lemon juice to keep dry. In about six hours it will be dry when you can remove the stained boyfriend. Dark colors will continue overnight, unless you put the water in the body decorated.

Currently, young people use henna as a body tattoo in other parts of the body - just like regular tattoos sometimes while mixing dyes. You will find as the most common tattoo around the beach, parties and similar events other.

Flower Henna TattooThis tattoo as applied in the hands and feet will be visible for two weeks. decorate the body with henna tattoo you'll appear more confident and more attractive so that you will look more beautiful and sexy.

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