Sunday, January 2, 2011

Procedure of Navel Piercing

Navel PiercingThis is considered as one of the popular form of surface piercings as it is done on the flat surface of the skin. Many teenagers love to flaunt their navel piercing with different kinds of jewelries. The insertion of a curved barbell through the skin present right below the navel is considered as the standard form of navel piercing. Teenagers experiment with different kinds of jewelries on the barbells that dangle over the navel. The following article provides you with navel piercing information.

Procedure of Navel Piercing
  • This can be easily done and may not involve any kind of complications in most of them.
  • Navel piercing heals faster and comfortably than any other kind of body piercings. Make sure that you get this piercing done from a professional piercer as they follow a standard technique.
  • There are many people who prefer piercing the navel on their own which may not be safe at times.
  • The piercer holds the skin with the help of a clamp on the marked points and pulls the skin away from the body.
  • He/she uses a sterilized needle to pierce the skin and this may cause an intense pain sometimes.
  • The piercer then inserts the jewelry into the skin immediately and then he/she may apply an antiseptic lotion in order to protect the pierced site from infections.

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