Saturday, January 29, 2011

Risks of Tongue Piercing

Risks of Tongue PiercingFollowing are the risks in tongue piercing:

Tongue has major blood vessels connected to it, that reach the brain. If the blood vessels in this area get damaged while piercing, it causes infection that spreads to other vital organs, particularly brain. In worst cases, infection in tongue piercing may cause death.

Nerve Damage:
The major risk of tongue piercing in association with blood loss is the nerve damage. As you know, if the nerve gets damaged, it can’t be corrected. A damage to nerve in the tongue can make the tongue useless. Hence, nerve damage and tongue piercing has a close relation, that is very important aspect of tongue piercing.

Blood Loss:
Before infection, piercing process leads to a puncture of blood vessels and it leads to severe blood loss. Only surgery can help in perforating the blood vessel.

Oral and Dental Issues:
People opt for barbells when they get their tongues pierced. This results in fractures, chips and cracks to the front teeth. If it is so, fillings or crowns are required to repair the broken teeth. Additionally, barbell may rub against the sensitive gum tissues and they must be dealt with a surgery.

Painful Affair:
In some people, tongue piercing may cause neuralgia, that refers to the severe pain. It is an unnerving and uncomfortable condition. Pain causes problems while speaking and eating. It becomes worse, if the food gets stuck in the barbell.

Gulping it down:
There is potential risk of swallowing the jewelry. It gets worse if gets stuck in the lungs which leads to other problems.

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