Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How to Hide a Tongue Piercing

Having a tongue piercing has become somewhat of a norm. However, employers often request that their employees not have visible piercings. Instead of taking the jewelry out and letting the tongue piercing close, many people have chosen to hide the fact that they have such a piercing. Hiding the fact that you have your tongue pierced is pretty easy.
  • How to Hide a Tongue PiercingSpeak with your employer about the company's rules on body jewelry. Some companies are more lax on their rules than others.
  • Go to your local body jewelry shop and purchase a retainer for your piercing. Retainers are clear, usually plastic pieces of jewellery that are used to retain piercings when it is not possible to wear regular jewelry.
  • Wear the retainer when you are at work. The clear jewelry makes it possible for you to both keep your piercing and follow the rules set by your employer.
  • Use your normal jewelry when you are not at work. Retainers are not designed to be used permanently.

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