Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ingredients Used to Make Henna

Ingredients Used to Make HennaWhile making henna, there are a variety of ingredients which can be used to create specialized combinations of the ink that can be used to create temporary ink tattoos which can last up to four weeks on the body.

Ingredients Used to Make HennaHere are some of the ingredients which are used to make the ink that is used within henna and used to create temporary tattoos, traditionally on the hands and feet.

1. Henna Powder is used to create the ink that is used within henna tattoos. The type of henna ink which is most popular is created through the use of a powder, in which other components are combined with the powder to create a paste. Once this paste has been created it is left to gain color and develop the ink within the powder, at which point, more liquid is added to obtain the pasty texture.

2. Lemon juice is an ingredient which is used to make the henna ink paste, and it is combined with the henna powder to create the ink. In the instance that the henna ink is too dry, additional lemon juice will be added to the mixture. It has been speculated that the acid within the lemon juice is an effective way to develop the ink which exists through the henna tattoo ink.

3. Essential oils are the third component of what is used to create henna ink for temporary tattoos. The essential oils which are used within a variety of tattoos are most often lavender which is used to create a calming scent of the henna as it is being applied to the body.

Finding henna powder can be simple. There are a variety of cultural stores which keep the henna powder in stock, as well as many internet retailers which have been known to stock the ink powder in their stock.

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