Sunday, January 23, 2011

Assorted Types of Lip Piercing

Assorted Types of Lip PiercingTypes of Lip Piercing:
Piercings on lip can be kept anywhere round the mouth. Following are some types of lip piercings:

1. Lip ring: This is a ring which passes through bottom of the lip. This can be off-centered or centered. This piercing is preferred by many wannabe hunks.

2. Vertical labret: This passes through the lower lip, which is parallel to the tissue. The bar has a very slight curve. It can be seen both below the lower lip and in between the upper and lower lips.

3. Labret: Usually, it refers to a single piercing on the lower lip. Also labrets can be done in pairs, generally on either side of the center. This can be done in the center too. If you wish to choose metal labret stud, you may use other metals and ends. These studs are available in titanium, gold and steel. These can be fixed with balls, gemstone ends or spikes. You may also get acrylic or stone balls or the novelty shapes, such as gold bunny.

4. Horizontal lip piercing: This is rare lip piercing. This is a horizontal bar, generally through the lip’s red part and generally on the lower lip.

5. Snakebites: These are observed on opposite sides of lower lip and both studs and rings can be used as a jewelry for this.

6. Angel bites: Choose this type of piercing if you wish try an adventerous look. This contains a couple of upper lip piercings on either sides of lip. Labret studs can only be used for this lip piercing.

7. Filtrum piercing: This is labret piercing on the upper lip.

8. Monroe piercing: These are labret studs adorned on upper lip where some celebrities like Marilyn Monroe had made a beauty mark. This labret jewelry is commonly used for labret piercing in the middle, just above the chin.

9. Spider bites: This piercing type is done on the lower lip on opposite sides of mouth.

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