Saturday, January 29, 2011

How to Remove a Henna Tattoo

How to Remove a Henna Tattoo
  1. A henna tattoo has a lifespan of two to three weeks on average. It fades gradually, more or less quickly depending on the elements which are subject skin (frequent washing, perspiration, temperature).
  2. Some advice using scouring household products, abrasives, bleach, sponges scratchy ... Needless to say, the damage that may cause such treatment on the skin: Do not therefore follow that advice thoughtless.
  3. The best solution is often to wash the portion of skin tattooed with black soap, rubbing (not too loud!) With a washcloth or a small soft brush. A scrub or massage at the coffee can greatly help, you can create a mixture of these two products (soap + sticky grains) containing a few drops of hydrogen peroxide or a pinch of baking soda (the lightening power recognized), that you will use several times a day.
  4. Moisturize your skin after each wash, on pain of seeing dry and ignite. In doing so several times a day, you can expect to see your tattoo fade significantly after about a week, maybe less depending on the initial color of henna. The cologne applied using a cotton gently rubbed against the skin can bring good results to finish.

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