Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cartilage Piercing Jewelry Informations

Piercing JewelryHere are the most popular cartilage piercing jewelry options:

. Antitragus
. Conch, also popular as Shell piercing
. Daith
. Helix and Top Ear
. Rook and Snug
. Tragus
. Vertical Lobe

Suitable Types for Cartilage Piercing Jewelry:

Captured bead rings
These are cheaper than barbells. To remove or replace the bead you need special pilers, especially in case of thicker gauge jewelry. You are advised to avoid sleepers with sharp edges because the joint may damage your piercing.

It’s better to go for internally threaded barbells. If the bar is externally threaded, make sure the threads are not exposed.

Studs are a better choice providing there is sufficient room to expose the piercing when cleaning.

-Suitable Sizes for Cartilage Piercing:
Use only 18 gauge or heavier jewelry. Smaller gauges migrate out through your skin.

-Suitable Materials for cartilage piercing:
. Surgical Stainless Steel, titanium, 18 carat gold, niobium, PTFE

. Don’t use 9ct gold, silver or gold plated jewelry for cartilage piercing, because these can stain the tissues permanently. Before the piercing is healed the gold plating will wear off the jewelry.

When to Change Cartilage Piercing Jewelry? If you change your jewelry during the healing period, you may damage your piercing. You have to take the help of a professional piercer, if you change the jewelry before healing. After the piercing is healed, you can do it by yourself.

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