Saturday, January 1, 2011

Natural Way to Decorate Your Body

Natural Way to Decorate Your BodyOne of the tattoo trend, and again in many people is like henna tattoos. Henna tattoos is a natural form of body art and a safe alternative place to get a real tattoo done on your body. Henna tattoo artists use natural henna ink that is made from powder from the leaves of the henna plant. Artists make a paste with the henna powder and paint a henna tattoo design anywhere on your body.

Natural Way to Decorate Your BodyTradition of henna tattooing, also called mendhi, have been carried out for millions of years. They have found traces henna art as far back as the Egyptian tomb of Pharaoh day. Henna tattoo art is still a popular tradition of natural tattoo today.

Natural Way to Decorate Your BodyInk before applying henna to your skin, be sure to test a little on your body and check for any allergic reactions. Henna tattoos this rarely cause reactions in people, but it is important to ensure that if you have sensitive skin. Once you know the henna ink will not cause a bad reaction, you or a henna tattoo artist can begin the work of art on your skin.

Natural Way to Decorate Your BodyThe sky is the limit with the pattern, design and image that can be made with henna tattoos, but is usually limited to Shades darker colors red, green, brown, or black. This also depends on how your skin reacts since every skin tone will take a henna tattoo ink is slightly different. To see how the ink will appear on your skin test first to make sure you will get the desired results. Prior to decorate your body with a tattoo make sure you choose the model of henna tattoo that you are not disappointed and dissatisfied with the results so you can appear more confident.

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