Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Care Tips for a Corset Piercing

Care Tips for a Corset PiercingCare Tips
  • Attending care for a corset piercing varies whether or not the piercing is still in, or freshly taken out, so if the piercing is still in make sure that the area around each piercing is free of scabbing and dried blood. Utilize a Q-tip dipped hydrogen peroxide to clean the area. Dab the topical ointment around each piercing.
  • Removal of the piercing can result in bleeding and possible bruising. Apply firm pressure with the gauze to each removed piercing to cease blood flow, if necessary. Wipe entire area with hydrogen peroxide to remove any residue, dried blood and to disinfect.
  • Spray the sea salt liquid thoroughly over entire back area, until dripping, as this calms the pierced area and reduces itching and irritation. Wait until dry. Repeat this step two to three times a day, every day, for at least a week to soothe the formerly pierced area, encourage healing and prevent scarring.
  • Apply the topical cream or gel when necessary (i.e. crustiness around the pierced area, swelling, excessive itchiness).
  • Wait at least a month before having the corset piercing procedure the next time in order to fully heal.

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