Saturday, June 13, 2009

Pocketing Versus Piercing

Pocketing is another type of piercing, which is depicted as ‘anti-piercing.’ The word itself explains that it is not something same as piercing. There is a difference between the two. In piercing, the center of the jewelry is under skin and the ends are exposed while in pocketing, the ends of the jewelry are under the skin, and middle is exposed, as shown in the pix here.

Even the jewelry is different for each. Pocketing jewelry is simply a curved bar (as shown below) with smooth ends but no beads. On the contrary, piercing jewelry has beads, jewels, etc. Pocketing jewelry is fitted to your skin and piercing jewelry is worn on any part of the body. There is a risk regarding the fall of pocketing jewelry while in piercing, the risk is there but the degree is less. Pocketing is less popular among the people than piercing.

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