Body piercing has been around since the beginning of time, but it has gained popularity in the recent years. Today, it’s an influential trend, which is seen on most people. For some it might be a form of expression and for others a part of tradition. What reason do you think this guy has for his multiple facial piercings?

G.C. submitted these pictures on and I brought it here for you as a treat and helpful idea for your next piercing. Okay! Come let’s count these piercings separately: three ear piercings i.e. orbital, anti-tragus and earlobe; two bridge piercings; two nostril piercings, a septum piercing and wears a plate in his labret piercing.

Recently it was reported that many young people are getting themselves pierced because of the reality TV shows, which are out these days regarding body piercing shops. It also said that youngsters look at piercing as a way to define themselves. Therefore, this body art has become a matter of thought for parents.