Saturday, June 13, 2009

People following Jon Cobb in Uvula piercing

Jon Cobb is a groundbreaking body piercer who is unswervingly credited with the creation of the uvula piercing (in 1994), the transscrotal, pocketing, and others. He also went farther than anyone in popularizing the nape piercing and other surface piercings.

When he described his uvula piercing as:

It’s never been just about doing a ‘technical piercing’. I was driven to have the uvula piercing because it reflected the mind. When you put a pair of forceps on a uvula, it feels like you’ve grabbed the center of the mass of the inside of your head - if you cough up a piece of rice and it sits in the back of your sinus passage, you understand that spot. Psychologically it feels like you’re getting the center of your head pierced. That is so live, so real, and the risk inherant only added to the psychological imperative, and I was just driven to have it. Again, not a rational action, but that’s not the point. The technical aspects were just a neccesity.”

Once it was only a few people who got uvula piercing. Now maximum people following Jon Cobb do this piercing.

Appearing a dangerous task but not at all dangerous. When you get your uvula pierced it is vital that the piercing be placed as high up as possible on the uvula since migration can be a serious problem. In addition, a lower placement can be difficult to “show off” in some individuals and the main purpose of this piercing is aesthetic only.

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