Saturday, June 13, 2009

Few Do's and Don't for Oral Piercing

Body piercing is a rife since ancient times whether as traditional or fashionable norms. There have been many reports on the dark sides of body piercing. As we know that, there are always two sides of a coin and it’s same in case of oral piercing. Whenever, you go in for oral piercing remember to rinse your mouth 4-5 times a day with non-alcoholic mouthwash. It is recommended to use alcohol-free mouthwash, as alcohol is too harsh on the piercing and will most likely to dry out piercing. You can use a diluted saline solution, such as Biotene, or TECH 2000 or a diluted Listerine solution or any non-alcoholic mouthwash that has sea salt in it.

Some don’t for 4-6 weeks after piercing are: Kissing, Oral Sex, Hot food and Spicy food.

And, some do’s for 4-6 weeks after piercing are: Cold Foods like Ice Creams, Slushies, etc. are recommended as they help in reducing pain and use of anti-inflammatories as it helps in reducing swelling.

Gum piercing can damage or crack your teeth. In order to avoid that please get it done by a professional rather than trying it at your home.

Here you can see Mike, Star Tats, Texas with labret, lip and gum pierced. They look amazing. However, I did not like the teeth jewelry.

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