Saturday, June 13, 2009

face modification

This is not a Photoshop product. Let me introduce him to you... he is Bertrand ‘Razor’ Werthing, a piercing practitioner, who has pierced himself with four to six-inch rod driven through the top of the eye socket and up through to the top of the skull. He claims that piercing is ‘fairly safe’ and stresses on sanitation. He sanitized it ‘twelve times daily’ moreover didn’t take shower and said, ‘You wouldn’t want water getting in there; that could kill you.’ Specialists call this puncturing as the Phineas P. Gauge. According to doctors, it is not a safe process to demeanor by anyone on their own and requires a professional to conduct it, as it is no less than a surgery.

Beside, frontal lobe piercing he has pierced septum, bridge, labret and earlobe.

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