Friday, June 19, 2009

Bioplast studds

Bioplast/Bioflex can be combined with other piercing charms, such as silver, surgical steel, UV Acrylic, titanium and whole lot more. It also comes in different colors that make the jewelry more attractive and an option to customize it with the other jewelries. IF you are using push end jewelry charms and the bioplast/bioflex barbell is long, you can trim it off to your desired length.

So if you are health conscious and still w
ant to get pierced or wear a piercing jewelry, my best advice is to buy a jewelry that has this material. You will not just have attractive body jewelry but will also keep you harms away from infections and other aversion that piercing will do to your body.

See below for some sample of a body jewelry that is made of bioplast/bioflex material.

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