Friday, June 19, 2009


Pewter is a metal alloy with 85-99% tin while the remaining percent is copper. While the copper act as a hardening. Pewter is bright and shiny metal that is almost the same as silver. Like silver, pewter will also oxidize to a dull gray over time if left untreated. Pewter is a very malleable alloy, being soft enough to carve with hand tools, and it also takes good impressions from punches or presses. Because of this inherent softness and malleability, however, pewter cannot be used to make tools itself. Some types of pewter pieces, such as candlesticks, would be turned on a metal lathe.

Pewter can be designed in different style like armour rings, cool rings and pendants. Some people, find pewter jewelries very funky and cool to wear. Especially men. It somehow projects masculinity. Well, it depends on the design and the style.

Below are the samples of pewter jewelry:

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