Thursday, February 17, 2011

Navel Piercing Techniques

Navel Piercing TechniquesThis is considered as one of the popular form of surface piercings as it is done on the flat surface of the skin. Many teenagers love to flaunt their navel piercing with different kinds of jewelries. The insertion of a curved barbell through the skin present right below the navel is considered as the standard form of navel piercing. Teenagers experiment with different kinds of jewelries on the barbells that dangle over the navel.

The following are various important techniques and procedures of navel piercing:
  1. The piercer will direct the individual who wishes to have this piercing to bare the area near the navel.
  2. The navel will then be cleaned with a sterile solution (generally iodine) by the piercer.
  3. While an individual on whom the piercing is done is standing up, the piercer will identify the entrance and exit holes for the piercing.
  4. After that the individual will have to get into a lying posture.
  5. The piercer will put a clamp on the navel and will align this, in order that the marks that have been made are in the middle of the clamp.
  6. The piercer will insert the needle through the clamp and will then take off the clamp.
  7. The jewelry will trail on from the rear of the needle.
  8. Finally the piercer usually puts a bandage above the top of the piercing.

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