Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Facial Piercing Meanings

Facial Piercing MeaningsFace piercings are generally related to noses and lips. However there are several types of facial piercings that are popular at present Facial piercings tend to have greater possibilities of rejection or developing scar tissue since a number of them affect areas of flat skin, in what is known as “surface” piercings.

Surface piercings are marked by extremely high rate of rejection as the skin doesn’t have adequate slack and the piercing jewelry exerts pressure on the tissue. Additionally, any infection to these face piercings is likely to affect vital parts and can easily spread to the blood; hence proper healing care after face piercing is needed.

Facial piercings can be done on the various areas like forehead, temple, bridge of nose, nostril, septum, cheeks, labrets/lips, lowbrets, scrumper, and mandible.

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