Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hip Piercing Informations

Many people are looking for new and exciting ways to adorn their bodies with cosmetic jewelry. Recently, surface piercings have become more popular than ever. One specific variety involving this method of skin puncture is the hip piercing.

Hip Piercing InformationsA hip piercing is located on the pelvic region of the wearer. Part of the jewelry is fitted under the surface of the skin right above the pelvic hip bones. After a hole is punctured by means of a dermal punch and taper process or a surgical needle, a barbell is set beneath the surface. The top metal posts of the jewelry are attached and screwed into the barbell post and left to sit on the surface adorning the skin. Some piercers recommend forgoing the classic needle in this style of piercing, as surface piercings have a better chance of lasting and healing properly with the dermal punch. Ultimately it depends on your piercer and what he or she feels confident about performing. This style of piercing is usually done in pairs since the wearer usually opts for the same piercing above each pelvic bone for symmetry and aesthetic appeal.

Hip Piercing InformationsThe name ‘hip piercing’ is kind of misleading as the piercing is not really on your hips but instead place on your stomach just above your hips. Typically surface barbells are used for hip piercings but tygon jewelry has also been known to be used during the healing process to reduce stress.

A hip piercing is, of course, a surface piercing and careful consideration should be given to any surface piercing. Surface piercings have a high rate of rejection and the slightest trauma can start the rejection process at any time, even years after the piercing has healed. I could ramble on and elaborate more on surface piercings, but I already wrote a detailed article on surface piercings.

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