Thursday, February 10, 2011

Jewelry for Navel Piercing

Jewelry for Navel PiercingSeveral types of navel piercings exist. A standard navel piercing is one which is done on the upper lip of the belly button. Inverse navel piercing also exists which is done on the lower lip of the belly button. In horizontal navel piercings, jewelry does not pass through the lip of the belly button, rather it lies horizontally above the navel lip. Lastly, multi navel piercings or navel projects include more than a single piercing in and around the belly button.

Navel jewelry afflicts the healing of the piercing, hence select the jewelry carefully. Rings and barbells are the most common shapes of belly button piercing jewelry. Other shapes like twists are also good for a better healed piercing, because of the pressure they may exert on your piercing. Appropriate jewelry materials for belly button jewelry include glass, niobium, titanium or 316-LVM stainless steel. Silver and gold contain nickel for strength but they may cause irritation. A body piercer measures the belly button for selecting the appropriate diameter or length of the belly button piercing jewelry.

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