Saturday, October 9, 2010

Tips to Get a" Nose Piercings"

You've got quite a few options when it comes to piercing your nose. Depending on your style, you may consider a barbell at the bridge, a horseshoe between your nostrils or a simple stud. Read on to learn how to get a nose piercing.

*Seek the skills of a professional piercer. This is not the time to rely on the enthusiasm of friends or to test the skills of a street vendor.

*Choose a piercer who is licensed or has apprenticed for many years. Confirm that he or she works with sterilized equipment and disposable hollow needles, wears new latex gloves for each client, offers only piercing-quality jewelry and is accessible post-treatment should you have any questions or concerns.

*Let the piercer know what you're interested in, but trust him or her to make the final decision on placement. In addition to aesthetics, one must consider thickness of tissue, type of tissue and position of veins.

*Close your eyes and focus on taking long, steady breaths once the procedure begins. The piercer's experienced hand should guide the needle through effortlessly and with surprisingly little pain.

*Follow the care instructions your piercer provides. Prepare for a small amount of puss or discharge and schedule time for two daily cleanings.

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