Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Extreme body pierced-hook hanging

The hooks are connected by a rope to a bar that is connected to a pulley. Him starts walking forward and backward, stretching the skin around the hooks, until he’s on his tiptoes. Then he is hoisted 2 feet off the ground. He dangles.
(Body suspension, as it’s known in the sport.)
This still isn’t the worst part.
He’s trying to break the record held by rock star-magician Criss Angel, who used a totally wussy eight hooks for his five-hour, 42-minute record.
Angel did it as a stunt for his TV show. he is doing it as a stunt for latest pierced hanging .
Speaking of food, the skin on his back looks like pizza dough draped over fingertips. His back is covered in tattoos like the markings on an ancient gateway to an unspeakable evil not born of this world.
“That is disgusting,” a passer-by says. “That’s just ... there’s something so wrong about that. How could he do that?”
Adrenaline and endorphins help, says Steve Joyner, a member of a small team helping him.
The hole around the hook is stretching. Too much and it will tear and maybe rip out.
him is helped by his physical condition. He prepared with four weeks of meditation, sleep, yoga, health food, cardio workouts and abstinence.

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