Saturday, October 9, 2010

Tips for Your Tongue Piercing

*How do you take care of your new tongue piercing

When cleaning your tongue piercing expect to see white material collect around the balls of the 
barbell. you can clean this away with a soft toothbrush. Make sure to use diluted mouthwash and check your tongue ring to make sure the ball is firmly screwed on the barbell once a day. Always wash your hands
*How long will it take for your tongue to heal?-2 weeks, but not fully healed until 6 months to a year depending on your level of care
 *Cleaning solution you can use.-Sea salt water 4-5 times a day you can get this a Wal-Mart or use mouthwash after eating
 * If your tongue turn brown or greenIt's a sign that you should reduce the amount of mouthwash you are using. Dilute the concentration of mothwash or avoid toothpaste that contain peroxide.
  *Infected tongue piercings-ymptoms iclude pain, redness and increased amount and thickness of discharge, thick and yellow green or gray may have an unusual odor.
 * What you should also avoid-Do play or chew your ring, refrain fom oral sex and don't eat anything spicy it might get caught.
 *What is thrush-Thrush ia an oral cavity yeast infection that can occur due to stress or a supressed immune system. Oral thrush is commonly caused by overuse of strong alcohol mouth washes such as Listerine

 *The safest way to wear your tongue ring-Insert from the top of the tongue and screw on the ball underneath the tongue, this will help prevent your barball ball if it becomes loose and falls off.

*Aspiration-Is when you inhale the ball of your tongue and it becomes lodged in your lungs

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