Saturday, October 9, 2010

Tips And Warnings Before to Get a" Nose Piercings"

*Go with the jewelry that your piercer offers, provided that it's titanium, stainless steel or niobium, the metals least likely to promote infection. The properties of gold may not mesh with your body chemistry.
*If you're not ready to take the plunge, consider magnetic jewelry as an alternative to an actual piercing.
!**The nose and brain share the same blood supply. If you slack off in post-piercing care, an infection may make its way to your brain.
!**Should you experience excessive swelling, prolonged redness, throbbing pain or sensations of heat in the pierced area, seek immediate medical attention.
!**Never remove your nose ring, barbell or horseshoe if you suspect infection, unless under a physician's recommendation. The bacteria causing the infection may get trapped in your system as the hole begins to seal.

!**Piercing can cause nerve damage if the jewelry is positioned improperly, and communicable diseases can spread during the procedure if it's performed with unsterilized or used equipment.

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