Friday, March 25, 2011

Tongue piercing is the most common and popular form of piercing. In fact it is not a new practice. It is being practiced since ages. Tongue piercing was a common ritual among people of ancient Aztecs and Mayas of Central America. Haida, Kwakiutul, and Tlinglit tribes who belong to American Northwest also used to practice tongue piercing.

Tongue piercing was done in order to draw blood to please the deities. Also, tongue piercing is done to create an altered state of consciousness so that the priest known as shaman those days could communicate with the higher spirits.

However, the purpose of tongue piercing in the present days is to show of the jewelry as a style statement and also to increase pleasure during oral sex.

With change in times there is change in meaning and purpose of the piercing. However, one should be very careful when getting a tongue piercing done. Regular aftercare and medication will ensure a safe piercing experience.

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