Monday, November 8, 2010

Extreme Popular Body Girl Piercings

Extreme Popular Body Girl PiercingsBody piercing is when a needle is put through part of the body and then a foreign object is inserted as jewellery. Eventually, the skin around the jewellery heals and a hole is left. The hole is the piercing. It is perfectly safe when done by professionals who are careful.DO NOT pierce your own belly button. The piercing needs to be done with a sterilized needle, gloves and other sterilized pieces of equipment.

You must opt for a parlor with wide range of jewelry so that you can pick up the required piece. But before doing so, you must know what kind of jewelry is safe on your part because there are chances of some metals for causing infections during new belly button piercing. Surgical stainless steel jewelry is preferred. Jewelry made of solid gold, titanium, or niobium may also be used.

Put on loose fitting clothes. Tight apparel will irritate the belly button. Take it easy and relax. Often, it is nervousness that causes discomfort. Breathe in a controlled manner. Focus on inhaling and exhaling. Concentrating on your breath (or other objects) will sooth your muscles. This will reduce the pain.

The first and most important thing to keep in mind Extreme Popular Body Girl Piercingsis that you should not touch your new piercing unless absolutely necessary. It is recommended that people clean navel rings once a day with warm water and antibacterial soap and avoid using any creams or alcohols that will irritate or dry the skin.

Belly Button piercing has been prevelant for centuries and can be traced back to the ancient Greeks, Egyptians and Indians. Body piercing made a statement and stood for their status in society. Many piercings were believed to represent a connection with the Gods. As time evolved, society and the perception of piercing changed, the only accepted piercings were that of the ears of women. The truth be told is that body piercings, especially rings look good.

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