Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Types of Body Piercings Can Make it Hard to Choose

When it comes to types of body piercings it can be a simple task to pick what piercings you want or it can be harder depending on your job. Certain jobs will require you not to have any piercings visible. Other jobs might not be so hard or care about visible piercings. You should always check first so, you don't go out and get it only to hear that you need to remove it.

There are so many options when it comes to getting a body piercing - everything from your ears, nose, lip, eyebrow, monroe, labret, navel, nipple, etc... When choosing your first piercing think about what you really want and if it will be in a place that will work for you. Having so many types of body piercings to choose from is helpful in this instance.

When debating on any types of body piercings, certain areas such as an eyebrow piercing have a higher rate of rejecting. Ears are a simple piercing that many of us have had from our younger days in life. Oral piercings can swell a bit in the early days.

The cost of the types of body piercings will range depending on what you get and what the shop prices are set to. The aftercare if different also depending on what you get. You will normally have a choice of if you want a CBR or a barbell. I would start out with a CBR because it makes cleaning it easier to do during the healing period.

Some people ask if it's okay to use rubbing alcohol to keep a fresh piercing clean. The simple answer to that is NO. You must use an antibacterial soap that doesn't contain any fragrance to keep the area clean. If you think you may have an infection starting you can always do a simple sea salt soak to also help with keeping it clean. If it doesn't seem to be getting better you can always drop by and see the person who did it for you to check it out.

When you get an oral piercing you should avoid beer because of the yeast, breads, and spicy things until it has had time to heal. Navels & Nipples should be taken care of by not wearing too tight clothing over them while it's in the healing stages.

Remember to always look into the place you plan on visiting for your future piercing to make sure that they follow health & safety rules. Also, never get pierced with any needle that has not been opened and taken out of the new package right in front of you. Better safe than sorry - who wants to deal with an infection, or worse, on top of any new types of body piercings?

Having so many types of body piercings to choose from can be helpful but it can also make it hard when you're really not sure what you want. Do your research first and if you want to learn more, why not check out my website, "All About Body Piercing" now too? Filled with hundreds of pages of "Body Piercing goodness"

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