Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Body Piercing Care

Right Body Piercing Care.

Body piercing care should be taken as seriously as tattoo aftercare. Your piercing will require commitment, if you slack on your aftercare, you can cause serious Body Piercing Careinfections, and the need to remove the jewelry. Most piercers, tattoo artists would like to give aftercare-kit or offer some products for you to buy.

Most piercers now offers a product called H2Ocean, is sterile and safe environment.

Comes in the form of a paste for tattoo aftercare, and the form of sprays for the piercing. The items that will need are as follows:

* H2ocean, or other approved antimicrobial, anti-bacterial liquid soap (Again, do not use the Dial, or Neosporin because they can be too bright)

* Cotton balls or cotton swabs

* Small disposable cups

* Paper towel or clean towel

When cleaning piercing, first you must wash your hands thoroughly (2 minutes), NEVER touch or Body Piercing Carepiercing jewelry with dirty hands. You then need to saturate the area with H2ocean stab, if you use soap you need to saturate the cotton, or a ball with warm water. Gently wipe any dried blood, or plasma that had gathered around the piercing. You should then gently move the piercing in and out to make sure that it really cleaned. Rinse the area of each soap, then pat dry with paper towels or a soft, clean towel.

Often times your piercer will tell you to soak your piercing in sea salt. Place a small amount of sea salt in the bottom of a disposable cup. About ½ teaspoon. Then, add hot water, hot as you can hold the salt. You'll want to fill just over half full in a 5 oz cup. You'll want to turn the cup right over the piercing, and hold it there for five or six minutes. This procedure usually works well for like a nipple piercing, and belly button. If you can not get a good seal in the skin, soak a cotton ball with H2ocean and hold it there for 5 minutes. Rinse piercing with warm water and pat dry. Do not use table salt! By Sarah Freeland

Body Piercing Care

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